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Fly Fishing With Fly Fishing Bloggers

by Rebecca on July 17, 2013

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Last weekend I had the privilege of fishing with several ladies who are all Fly Fishing Bloggers.

I noticed a theme when looking through the aftermath pictures.





I think the morale to this story is that if you decide to hang out with Fly Fishing bloggers, be prepared to hold your waterproof camera like a weapon and pull the trigger constantly.

You just never know when you might get the perfect shot and at the end of a weekend, you’ll have all sorts of memories captured.

You’ll even be able to create a little slideshow video like this one.

Yes….Fly Fishing Hell has froze over. I wore pink on a river.

And I loved every minute of it.


Fly Fishing Bloggers:

Aileen and Rachel ~ Fly Fishing Ventures
Emily ~ The River Damsel
Patti- DreamCast Idaho

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Fly Fishing Ventures

by Rebecca on December 10, 2012

in Fly Fishing

I’ve been blogging for a little over 3 years now.

During that time I’ve read countless posts discussing the topic/issue/debate/opinions regarding Women in Fly Fishing. Most of the posts out there are positive, a couple are negative and for the most part they seem focused on the female significance/influence in fly fishing.

To be honest, when people are discussing “female significance” in Fly Fishing, I find myself sorta embarrassed it’s even a topic and have never really commented on the whole notion.

I get it though. The curiosity. The interest. However, none of it is in my control or even a concern because at the end of the day, as always, I just fly fish.

With that being said, what I have found over the years is a certain lack of information in the fly fishing world from the female perspective and experience.

So why would I want a specific resource for the ladies? It’s not that I don’t adore all the information I gleam from the male fly fishing bloggers and sites out there. Good stuff indeed! But it would have been helpful, especially in my earlier days of fly fishing, if I had had an information source that was a bit more geared to women.

Fly Fishing is indeed male dominated, and that’s never held me back any, but when you are a lady and you’re looking for gender specific information that could help answer questions you might have, that water is pretty skinny out there.

Questions like: Can I use and wear all the gear made for men? Back when I first started fly fishing I had no idea, I just fumbled along and figured things out along the way. My answer to that question now — Yep. Been there, done that for 15 years and it worked for me.

But these days, if there’s an alternative made for women specifically, I’d like to know about it, read other ladies opinions and possibly try them.

::Side Note: When I read recently someone bemoaning the fact women in fly fishing want ‘special clothes’ I admit it,  I was mildly irritated. To that I say, Sir…until you have curves, a shapely ass, hips and boobs, your opinion on whether or not I deserve to wear clothes made for my body type is a wee bit invalid.

At the end of the day, if it’s more comfortable to wear waders made specifically for a women’s body, I don’t see how that degrades my fly fishing nor do I see how that makes me a super special snowflake that needs the industry to cater to my needs. …and if I finish my thoughts I’ll have to pay a penance and I’m saving up good points for Santa right now. End Side Note::

Anyway, I’ll repress further personal commentary on that subject (see how good I am Santa!) and get on track here. A need for information that is useful and helpful.

Information for and about Women in fly fishing. I believe it’s a positive.

I had the opportunity to meet and fly fish with a couple of fantastic fisherman this summer, Rachel Morgan and Aileen Ellis.

With Rachel’s extensive knowledge of fly fishing gear she gained over the last 12 years working at a fly shop and Aileen’s extensive knowledge of fly tying and entomology, we’ve created a place for Women in Fly Fishing to connect, ask questions and learn from one another.

I’m proud to now be involved in such an online resource.
Fly Fishing Ventures


A little Fly Fishing Fate

by Rebecca on April 6, 2010

in Fly Fishing

~From under the Blackberry Camera~

When I woke up yesterday it was rasnowing. You know, a sweet mixture of rain and snow. It was exactly the kind of mixed weather signal that just dared me to go out and fly fish in it. So being the brave and fearless sort of fisherman that I am, I grabbed my gear– plus one dog and headed straight for a Fly Shop to pick out a new fly or two that gave off a rasnowing fishing vibe.

I do love visiting this fly shop. The guys that run it, (especially you Michael) are always smiling,  helpful and encouraging of my activities both on the river and this website.

While Michael and I sifted through the flies we chatted it up, fly shop style. Like a good Fly Fishing Pastor, Michael kept me in check when my hand hovered over the stripper pole flashy type nymphs and he dropped several Holy Celestial flies into my plastic tithing cup. No multicolored flash with neon disco dubbing and extra large beadheads for me…..

As I was waiting to check out I found myself surveying another anglers pile of purchases. Now, normally I would never snoop like this, but something caught my eye and I couldn’t resist (no really, there was no containing myself) asking what in the world were those thingamajigs.  Now, I won’t get into what those thingamajigs were because that calls for a whole ‘nother blog entry, but I was concerned about the wayward angler and told him I had a better solution right outside in my truck.

My Fly Fishing Good Deed for the week got a check mark when I shared two items from my personal stock of illicit and controversial enablers. Based on the ratio of good vs. evil, I realize today I probably could have gotten away with one sinfully sparkly fly because my good deed would have balanced out the sinner flash……

Sinful flash aside, I believe that my good tidings to the Fly Fishing Brethren did inspire a bit of reward from the weather front. It stopped rasnowing while I was in the Fly Shop and only a non-fisher type would argue that these things aren’t all linked together in one large cosmic cloud of FATE.  

The ever loyal Bandon and I raced down to the river for what ended up being an afternoon of tree snags and little hatchery trout. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I absolutely hate losing flies and typically I hold onto my little furry friends like a nun clutches her rosary. The area I choose to fish was new to me and despite exploration I was unable to find either a wadeable area or a section of river that wasn’t surrounded by trees, bushes and weeds.

Perfect for the fish of course, a nightmare for casting and missed hook sets. I won’t admit how many flies I lost or how many trees I climbed or even how many cuss words I spewed. Instead I will let yesterdays fly fishing excursion lie in the past and offer up a mini-video I took while retying for the blankenty blankth time.

Disclaimer: I didn’t take a camera yesterday. This is from my new Blackberry which I took to the river swaddled in 2 ziplock bags. I’ve never done video and I’m not convinced I should. There’s a reason I don’t have a lot of pictures of myself and furthermore, why there are no videos of me. I tend to flip off camera operators, spit like a hissing cat and run the opposite direction when a lens is lurking around. But, because of this person…..and this person….I’m testing out the possibilities with this irrelevant, shaky and pointless video ~

I know. I’m as big a chicken as Bandon is, but at least I don’t try to lick fish ~ 


The River High and The River Low

by Rebecca on March 2, 2010

in Fly Fishing

~Can't Catch a Fish? Stack Rocks~

When I was out fly fishing last Sunday, one of the comments I got was a general observation, but it’s the one I’ve been thinking about as a general river theme. One man remarked after asking me how the fishing was (not good),”Well the river is pretty low right now.”
Yes. And that means? I wanted to ask him, but held my thought to myself.

This is where my personal experience, a sheltered bubble of fly fishing innocence (or ignorance) falls into play. My lack of interaction with all things common fly fishing opinion and technical knowledge over the past 10 plus years puts me into an undisturbed, uninfluenced state of fishing spirit. 80% of what I do or know has been established through personal trial and error rather then credible advice or instruction. I’ve yet to decide if that is a good thing, or a bad thing.

The thing is, when I turned the chapter in my fishing life from metal chucker to fly floater, I had assistance in several of the basics: fly choices, casting, presentation among other beginner instruction. However, I was pretty much left to my own devices when it came to river choices, time on the water, areas to visit and reading the water. Although I had heard rumors about things like river flow and water temperature, I humbly admit, I shrugged it off. Such technical assessments I deemed best left to those who actually knew what they were doing. I just wanted to go out and fish, regardless of prevailing ‘conditions’…

Because I didn’t know any better, or didn’t care, I’ve fished rivers when they were roaring over their banks flooding into the trees and I’ve fished when everything was just a trickle with tiny little holding pools. Some of my best memories or fishing days —the type where you force yourself to stop casting because the sun has been behind the mountain for almost an hour and tying on a new fly by the light of a match starts to burn up a lot of tippet— were on rivers that may have been considered ‘unfishable’ ….sometimes, ignorance really is bliss.

The one exception or perhaps it’s a concession, is blown out rivers that have turned the color of brown hotel carpet. Although I have caught fish under such conditions, it wasn’t easy and times like those earn a humble place in the tenacious (desperate) category of a fly fishing life. Not exactly memorable, but earns points for effort.

Over the years I’ve read fishing reports that made it seem like if you simply drove to a river, tossed in some dental floss with a safety pin tied to the end you would catch fish–”"The river is on FIRE it’s so smoking good”"– yet when I got there it didn’t seem that great, or even good. Just the opposite, I’ve read reports that moaned depression like conditions in a sluggish river economy and I’ve hit the jackpot in fishing riches. (To be fair, I have ! read fishing reports that were spot on, which is always a nice surprise) So either some fishing reports are just screwing with me, for fun and all, or everyone forgot to inform the fish what was expected of them or…..fishing simply defies logical expectation.

So all of that begs the question. How much do you all put into fishing reports, river flow, optimum fishing conditions? Will a flooded river put an end to your day? Will a dire fishing report inspire you to stay home and finish your ‘honey do’ list instead?

An inquiring mind wants to know ~ Me



The Kindness of Fishermen

February 10, 2010

I’m not sure what the above fly is called, maybe the man who gave it to me told me, maybe he didn’t. The fly used to have little rubber legs and was a bit more fluffy and distinguished. Now it’s a piece of my vintage fly history and a testament to the kindness I’ve stumbled across while on [...]

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