The River Damsel

The sleepy look of 5 a.m.

This weekend I had the privilege of taking Emily aka The River Damsel out for two days of fly fishing.

Our first day of fly fishing took us to an un-named river fly fishing for big brown trout. In typical Rebecca fashion, the batteries on my camera were dead and I didn’t have backup. So the big browns that were caught shall remain in memory forever…

I may have scared Emily off from ever going fly fishing with me again with this next twist, but for our second day of fly fishing it was deemed Steelhead time and in order to do that, we had to leave town at 3:00 A.M. I’ve never heard anyone refer to Steelhead fishing as a leisure sport, and Emily took this first Steelhead initiation like a trooper…with a smile. Off to the S.F. of the Clearwater we went.

"Just Happy To Be Here"

Now, since we are generous fly fisherman, we decided to bring along another angler with us for Steelhead day. He didn’t even grumble about the 3 a.m. wake up call, nope, not at all. In fact, the only words out of his mouth all day were, “Just Happy To Be Here” ….

Kirk Werner of the Unaccomplished Angler tagged along with me everywhere on Saturday. If truth be told, he was a bit needy in the fact I had to carry him down rocky embankments, hold him up out of the water while I waded through the swift areas and even went as far as strapping him to my chest just to keep my hands free and his feet dry.

Now, I can’t believe I’m going to admit this next part, but it sure gave Kirk a thrill, so I’ll mention it. Only I could be out swinging for Steelhead and catch my nemesis. A whitefish. No, make that…a freaking Whitefish. Emily said, and I quote…”That’s a bad omen.” And sadly, I’m sure she’s right.

Mr. Kirk and Mr. Whitefish share a moment....

Although I was dying a thousand fish deaths inside for hauling in a whitefish on a steelhead day, Kirk–Mr. Just Happy To Be here–was so excited that he accidently took his first dunk in the water for the day. Whoops! But he wanted in on the whitefish action, so after rescuing him from floating away, I obliged.

Fun Times, Fun Times….

The Steelheading was tough on the first river we went to, so we made a change of rivers and headed south to try our hand at the smaller steelhead on the Little Salmon River.

Lunchtime for Kirk

Beer Time For Kirk




However, we did have to make a pitstop for waterlogged Kirk who was hungry and thirsty.

The River Damsel.....Unaccomplished Angler....Outdooress

And then we did a little sightseeing……

Hanging Out

And then I strapped Kirk back into the fly pack and we were off  Fly Fishing for Steelies again….

R-Dub Special

When Emily first came to town she gifted me a little box of Steelhead flies she had acquired from some great fly tyers. In the last hour of the day I reached for that box and pulled out a Lightening Bug that Rory from the blog R-Dub Outdoors had tied up and put it on. I’m glad I did….

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a steelhead on the fly. I have to formally apologize to Kirk though, I know it was a bad friendship move to unceremoniously toss him to the ground when this steelhead took me through the first fun phase of the catch, but well… must make sacrifices in times of great struggle….
Thanks for coming up Emily and Thank You Slayer for driving us and the video!