Spring has Sprung?

by Rebecca on April 3, 2012

in Outdoor Photo Journal

Over on the OBN I asked people from across the nation to share Spring pictures for all (me) to enjoy. In everyone’s pictures I’m seeing blooms and greenness that is making me rather envious.

Bandon and I went down to the river the other day because:

  1. I was going stir crazy and it was getting ugly
  2. My Internet was down
  3. See number 1

The local Boise river was high, really high and the trees for the most part were barren.
I’m not sure who got more depressed.

  • Me: Because the signs of Spring were few and far in-between.
  • Bandon: Because I wouldn’t throw a single stick in the river for her because Ididn’t want to watch her get swept away.

So this is my contribution to the Spring photo prompt….if you look closely, we’ve got a bit of green grass. That’s right, all I have to offer is green grass and one forlorn dog.

Come on Spring! Get with the program…..Pretty Please with a Tulip on Top


Bandon and I ~ Smiling for Spring

I’m not sure how other people feel about this time of the year, but I’m fighting off the last lingering effects of Old Man Winter rolling me up into a nice sized cigar and smoking me for personal entertainment purposes.

I’m not an indoor person and this Lady Bear doesn’t hibernate peacefully during winter. I tend to pout and pace and if anyone believes the propaganda of my children, my lower lip starts to quiver and one eye twitches involuntarily through the whole of February.

I need the first couple of weeks in March to recuperate from the confines of winter captivity. If I can catch the hint of a few spring smelling salts like—birds returning and arguing loudly over their branch real estate—tiny buds of life on the trees—the ice cream man driving through the neighborhood blaring “Jingle Bells” on his loud speaker—my winter hangover feels instantly and indescribably better.

Now that life feels all warm and cozy again, my sights are set on the rest of the year. I have trips to take, fish to catch, hunts to partake in and adventures to experience. In the past I’ve gone about my outdoor life in a spontaneous spur of the moment manner, but this year I think things will be a bit different. My decision to go public with my fly fishing and writing has opened quite a few doors up that include actually fishing with other people. For the first time ever I’ll be traveling to meet outdoor people and having some come to my neck of the woods to experience my personal Idaho playground. The way I see it, my outdoor world just got a whole lot bigger and the new view started from this humble little website—I continue to be surprised.

For the people I’ve already corresponded with, talked on the phone with and made fishing plans….I’m extremely excited. For the people I haven’t made plans with… yet… I have only one question. Do you have a stream, a meandering river or a body of water that contains fish just waiting to be caught? Yes? If so….why haven’t you invited me to come fishing with you yet???? (insert tapping ladies foot here) I come prepared with my own tackle AND I can put a hook on my own line and untangle snags all by myself. No waterside maintenance required.

If any of you have plans to come to Idaho. Drop me a line, I’m rather new at the tour guide thing, but I happen to know where a few fish linger and I’m sure I could point out the honey holes like a seasoned cruise director.

See you on the rivers………