Introspective Thought: A fishing side effect

by Rebecca on February 1, 2010

in Fly Fishing

Yesterday I tried to send January off under the bold banner of “FISH ON”  ~ So I braved the rugged lands, forged through rough water (I went to the local city river) and intentionally stood under the gray sky contemplating if the wet stuff that continued to fall on my head was snow, rain or a sweet cocktail of the two. As I parted water with my fly line, repetitiously, obsessively, my mind started to wander…

Introspective thought is just one of the many side effects a person can experience while fly fishing. Although I haven’t seen an actual warning label on say, new fly rods or reel purchases, my guess is the condition can be magnified when one isn’t catching fish. After switching flies like a politician who changes their vote repeatedly, my mind started to self sooth the obvious bad karma I’ve attracted. In other words, I created a list of possible reasons my fishing sucked…

~Bandon the Bashful Still won't look at the camera~

10) My loyal and constant dog companion Bandon wouldn’t get out of the water and her shivering was vibrating the water in such a manner that all fish within my casting range were alerted to our presence.

9) I irritated Fly Fishing Santa when I requested he throw in some Elves with the new drift boat I wanted (he gave me neither) and now I’m Christmas cursed for the year.

8 ) I got new waders and removed the wet factor/ torture factor/ blackened frozen toes factor and without medieval pain, there is no gain.

7) I still can’t tie flies worth a shit and by some karmic flaw in the fly fishing doctrine I’m being punished until I can I find the inner enjoyment of such a hobby.

Self Half Portrait of Bandon and I...this is why I need to hire a photographer~

6) I brought a camera to the river. Not only did I bring a camera to the river, I put in fresh batteries and brought two spares along. A camera is like fly fishing suicide…for me.

5) I’ve read and enjoyed too much of The Unaccomplished Angler and his fishing karma has tragically attached itself to me via Internet contamination.

4) Trout heard I made a pact to be nicer to whitefish in the year of 2010 and in retaliation for my cheating ways, they have formed an “ignore all of Rebecca Garlock flies society.”

3) Whitefish heard I made a pact to be nicer to them in 2010. When the memo went out that I’d be swinging for them intentionally, they scattered, and took a “NO Whitefish for YOU” mantra.  My new inability to get a single one (when previously I couldn’t keep them away from ruining my flies)  is most baffling. (Any advice Whitefish Ed?)

2) I could just suck.

And lastly, as the sun set in the distance and I could no longer feel my fingers, toes or nose, it hit me. The number 1 potential reason my fishing has encountered such a tragic taste of skunk.

1) BLOG~ I started this fishing blog which suggests I should be catching fish to write about. In turn the blog creates a need to catch I never felt before. The consulation prize: I now get the pleasure of writing about not catching fish (oh the fun for readership..please accept my apology). I was toast, cursed and entered the gates of fishing hell the second I purchased my Internet domain to write about the fish I (was) catch (ing).