Fly Fishing: The Confectioness

by Rebecca on November 30, 2011

in Fly Fishing

Outdooress Bonefishing in Andros

See that grin. Totally Andrews fault...

I blame Andrew Bennett of course.

Him and his Deneki Lodge in the Bahamas. Since the March FIBFEST, all I’ve had is bonefish on the brain.

Lesson learned: If you start your fin follower season off on an extremely high note, the rest of the year is bound to make you feel like an unaccomplished angler.

I spent the whole of the summer chucking line and chasing tail while driving several thousand miles looking for mystic waters that weren’t flooded or blown out. I was on the hunt for flowing waters that were gin clear.

Mostly I just saw a lot of un-fishable waters and beat up road signs.

Word of advice: If you take the time to visit the Campbell River on Vancouver Island...bring a boat. That sh*t isn't wade-able...

I’ll be honest here and admit, for awhile this summer I wasn’t feeling exactly fly fishilicious. As a rainbow chaser, I was having trouble locating the bigerrfish and more often then I’d like to admit, I was battling  windknots & tangled lines. I had a bad backcast and an empty net. It was one of those kinds of summers…

Frustrations made it difficult to put fly to water and my thoughts started drifting to new locations, like fishing the rockies or heading south for some Arizona wanderings.

The radical idea of switching pursuits surfaced from time to time, things like,  Fly-Carpin! I should try carp on the fly because Michael Gracie likes it and if Mikey likes it everyone will like it”…

Of course, other not so compleat thoughts would surface. The mind is a mysteries internal after all and nothing brings forth the good stuff faster then a slow day on the river.

For example:

Fish Not Present: Well this gives a whole new meaning to The Trout Underground

Questions: I wonder if there is an actual  fiberglass manifesto  that one could read.

Agreement: I hear you mike’s gone fishin’…again, me too.

Possibilities: If I could send my own dispatches from the middle river, it would be a form of S.O.S

Wonder:: Owl Jones is in Montana today. I wonder if he’s going to sing for all the guys around the campfire.

Career Choices: I could be a Fishing Poet:  There once was a fish named trout. He filled my mind with doubt…

Deals: I hereby swear, if I catch a fish in the next hour, I pledge to Eat More Brook Trout.

After thoughts: If only I could find a salvelinus fontinalis rising that is…

Thinking of....Trout? Confectioness Candy Canes?

I know, you don’t even have to say it…the above makes me one of those slightly functioning fishaholics with a good dose of fly fishing crazy.

Anyway, some good things have happened this year. For one, I finally replaced my leaky waders with new ones.

So I’ve been dry while frothing around in the water. A legit upgrade if I may so say myself.

And then late August finally came and I went back home to toss a few dream cast Idaho flies. They say home is where the heart is and I finally found my groove. There’s nothing like finding fish leisurely sipping emergers or seeing a river damsel fly floating by and the fish grabbing the fly patterns you’ve picked.

Fly Fishing for Trout


By the way: I think there should be a new mantra that replaces the old saying, Fish On!

I tested out the shouting of troutrageous!  a couple of times and let me tell you. It totally works on an excitement level.

I’ve got lots of fodder for the catching chronicles of my personal blogging here. I just need to work on my time management.

You have to admit, floggin’ water and participating in the lunker hunt takes the priority when one has a few spare moments. I guess I could also put a little blame on the OBN. You know, that other site I blog 5 times a week in ~

Outdooress Brown Trout

A good day on the river...

P.S. I forgive Andrew, of course

P.P.S. For the two poetic confectioners, this ball of cotton candy is dedicated to YOU.


Tricky Tricky

by Rebecca on October 6, 2010

in Outdoor Photo Journal

Oh the fun you can have on the Internet.

I’ve spruced up the ‘About Rebecca’ page with a visual explanation of that Outdooress chick. Since my blog entry count has been sparse lately, I thought I’d share it out here as well, front and center. (I’ll take any bonus points I can get)

If you get a chance, head over to Animoto and do a little photo mixing yourself.
I promise…it’s less painful than a Zebra Midge through the lip ~


Mr. Spots

by Rebecca on September 1, 2010

in Outdoor Photo Journal

In a rare stroke of clearness, I accidentally got a decent face on picture of this fish. Usually everything I try to do while I’m wrestling with fly rod, net, current, fish and bloody camera looks like a fingerprint smudge —However, in a desperate attempt to figure out what I was doing wrong, I did something so out of character that I’m appalled I’m going to admit it. But here goes…I pulled out my camera instruction manual and read a few pages. GASP.

Say Hello to my newly discovered Macro feature.

Let us not forget. I Fly Fish. I write. I don’t claim anything beyond those two things, especially not photographer.

Upon macro observation, I’m surprised I even got this bruiser in. Clearly someone (me) is slow on the Camera know-how and apparently slow on the hook set.


The Joy and Curse of the Magic Fly

by Rebecca on August 27, 2010

in Fly Fishing

Mr. Brownstone says Hello to a little Magic

Yesterday I felt the world pressing in on me from all angles and the intense feeling of  claustrophobia became so severe that the only thing I could think to do as an antidote was head immediately to the nearest fishery. No? Not buying an overly dramatic excuse? Ok fine. I just wanted to go Fly Fishing, so I did. Honestly, that’s how the drill normally works, want and do — but I thought maybe if I used some creative allowances it would make for a good first sentence hook.

Anyway, I went fly fishing. Same drill, different day. I’m not sure what everyone else uses for a ‘routine’ when they approach a river that they know fairly well, but being the creature of habit that I am, I typically put on the last fly I was successful with at the Fishcruiser and from there I make changes once I’m on the water. I suppose a better fisherman would run down to the river first, turn over some rocks, skim the top of the water and watch for specific hatches before they tie on their first fly. I’m just not that sort of fisherman-er-gal. I guess I’m more the must get on water immediately sort of angler.

Yesterday I knew I wanted to do a Hopper with a dropper. Hopper, easy, dropper…so MANY to choose from. I went with a sentimental value choice and tied on a tiny Mr. Zebra midge that ColoradoAngler had sent me in the mail a few weeks ago. I can’t remember how many I started with since I didn’t pay attention out the gate. But what I realized rather quickly is that I had a limited supply.

A good example of my Bad photography skills ~ This brown had a knarly jaw line

Within 3 casts my Hopper slipped beneath the surface of the water, not taken, but yanked under by a dropper take. Judging by the zing on my reel and the bend in my rod, I had a big old pig on. Within 20 seconds my 6x tippet snapped and I quickly plucked a matching Zebra from my Fly box and tied it on. It didn’t take long and once again I was ZING and BEND and SNAP. Repeat, rinse and shine. Fish Fiesta! I managed to bring in a few smaller browns without another snap off and the realization that I had picked the magic fly for the day spread a smile on my face from ear to ear.

The way I see it, some days you discover the magic fly that no fish can resist and some days you don’t. Yesterday was like walking up to a hay wired slot machine and as long as I had another dollar to put in, it paid off every time. The problem arose when I dove into my Fly Box once again to get another pay day of magic and realized I had two left.


Instantly my eyebrows tensed up and I analyzed the situation. I decided strategic maneuvers were in order and although I hated to tweak any manner of the magic, I decided a 5x tippet might help preserve the mojo of the afternoon.

Bringing in some of the Magic with the always helpful Bandon watching

It helped and I managed to bring in more decent to big fish. At one point a kindly gentleman came down the river bank to watch me bring in Mr. Brown (pictured above) and offered to take a few pictures of me. Cha-Ching ~ Visual proof since I had already given up on the prospect of taking pictures since, well, I truly suck at it. (see example of the knarly jawed brown)

Thank you Kindly Gentleman.

The problem with any sort of decent magic is that eventually it ends. My magic ended the moment I lost the last Zebra on a fish that barely fit into my net and when I tried to lift it out of the water the fish did an impressive back-flip back out: subsequently breaking my line.

Two Smiles

Since this is a PG website, I’ll just say the sounds of Mother Farfegnugen (or something like that) made an impressive echo down the canyon walls. If there had been a way to send a S.O.S. signal to ColoradoAngler, I would have and ordered another round of his Magic, pronto. Sadly, that wasn’t possible, so I tied on the closest thing I could find in my fly box to a Zebra and learned quickly that my fun was over with a capitol O ~

At least for several hours I was spot on, which in my world of Fly Fishing happens occasionally, but not nearly as often as I’d like. I hate losing flies, but if it’s going to happen, I’d rather my ship sink like it did yesterday than say…from tree branches and willow bushes.

Wishing you all a magic Fly kind of weekend…

(Ron! We need to talk Magic Flies!)


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