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Fly Fishing With Fly Fishing Bloggers

by Rebecca on July 17, 2013

in Fly Fishing

Last weekend I had the privilege of fishing with several ladies who are all Fly Fishing Bloggers.

I noticed a theme when looking through the aftermath pictures.





I think the morale to this story is that if you decide to hang out with Fly Fishing bloggers, be prepared to hold your waterproof camera like a weapon and pull the trigger constantly.

You just never know when you might get the perfect shot and at the end of a weekend, you’ll have all sorts of memories captured.

You’ll even be able to create a little slideshow video like this one.

Yes….Fly Fishing Hell has froze over. I wore pink on a river.

And I loved every minute of it.


Fly Fishing Bloggers:

Aileen and Rachel ~ Fly Fishing Ventures
Emily ~ The River Damsel
Patti- DreamCast Idaho

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When Internet and Rivers Converge

by Rebecca on August 17, 2010

in Fly Fishing

~Middle Fork of the Boise River~

When I started 2010, I listed two goals in my Fly Fishing category of life. The first goal was to be nicer, or sweet, or at least cordial to any White Fish I might discover at the end of my fly line.  So far, I’m still rockin’  a 100% success rate of accomplishment in that department. Not a single cuss word has flown at the fish who used to mutilate my flies, mainly because I haven’t caught a single Whitefish this year. HA! Hahaha…It must be karma. Last year, the more I spit and cussed at the Whitefish, the more I seemed to catch them. The minute I decided to be a kind angler who might enjoy discarding flies just for the pleasure of catching some circle lips, the Whitefish decided I wouldn’t be fun to  screw with anymore.

My second goal for 2010 was to be more sociable, get out of my solitary bubble and throw flies with other Fly Fishing anglers. So far, I’ve been at a 0% success rate on that goal, but tomorrow that finally changes. For the first time, I’ll be meeting up with someone I connected with from the online fishing community. Joe a.k.a Wolfy from the blog Flowing Waters is making a pit stop in my hometown and I’m on cue to show him some local fisheries for a few days.

Now, I’m not at all nervous about meeting Joe.  I feel so comfortable and positive about meeting Joe that I won’t even be hiding a pistol in my Fly Bag! However, I am feeling nervous about what the next two days might bring. I think it goes back to the principle of my first paragraph. Now that I’m finally meeting someone in person (good) I have a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach that the fish might be assholes about the whole thing (bad) — It’s that goal oriented Karma thing again.

I can’t help but wonder, what the hell am I going to do if the fish magically disappear for two days? I haven’t been skunked since early Spring and in my personal opinion, the next two days would be a bad time to revisit that smell. Bad for the rep and tour guide status…Thankfully, the fish schedule has us tackling one challenging river and then the Middle Fork of the Boise River. A river that if I did get skunked on I’d probably sell my Fly Rods and take up noodling for Whitefish with my pinkie.

I suppose, if I let my mind wander this direction, there are worse things than a skunking. I could crumble into a pile of performance pressure and pierce my eyebrow with a Zebra midge on my first cast. Or…I could slip on a rock while wading and go floating by Joe shouting out my last regards to life. Additionally, there’s always the threat of rattlesnake bite.  I’ve been half expecting a good chomp to my ankle over the years and the next two days would make for interesting, if not dramatic, timing. Ohhh….and a bear visit would certainly overshadow a skunking. That would be a cool test of Joe and my own running in waders abilities and if we lived, would surely laugh about later.

So many possibilities, especially when you have an overactive imagination! I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the next two days bring. I’m excited, nervous, and ready to see what the Fish Gawds have in mind for us. Stay tuned…


The Dark Side of Nature

by Rebecca on April 15, 2010

in Outdoor Photo Journal

~There Was No Hiding From This~

Recently I shared a sunset picture I captured on camera that made me weak in the knees. This picture has the same ability but on a totally different level. The sunset I watched from a leisure place in the distance. When I took this picture I was up close and personal with a storm front that quickly came up the Mountain to kick my ass.

I took the picture with the same thought process that a person who is about die scribbles a quick farewell letter. I figured if I didn’t live, the lucky soul who found me frozen to death could flip through my camera and say, “Oh, oh I see. Poor girl got taken down by one of them blizzard fronts that look like black fire sneaking up the side of a mountain to snuff you out.”

In case anyone is wondering. I was elk hunting and had been dropped off topside with the intention of hiking down to a much lower rendezvous point. The theory is good and when I left the sanctuary of the truck the skies were blue and cloudy. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Nature waited until I was a good mile down the mountain before she whipped up her special blend of twisted humor.

I lived, but it was definetly one of those days I couldn’t ignore the thought.
You know the one.
It chants ”Really wish I was fly fishing right now.” Over and over……..


~Have Camera, Will Point and Shoot for Flies~

What does someone who lacks photography skills, carries a cheap 100 dollar point and shoot camera, typically eeks out 1 or 2 photos before her camera battery dies and doesn’t have photo editing software do with the photos she does manage to capture?

Well…..start a photo journal section on her fly fishing blog of course.

I see this website as a documentary (of sorts) of my time and observations spent in the Great Outdoors. To do it right, for me that is, visual confirmation of what I’ve seen goes hand in hand with the writing I enjoy. (Visitors are subjected to whatever I come up with on any given day, sorry, but that’s the price of admission which includes bad photography) Based on that concept, I’m going to include  the occasional photograph of what I see when I’m out wandering around—-without the need for a long winded written entry like I usually produce.

And based on my exploration through the photographs I do have last night…I’ve seen some truly beautiful and interesting places. Things I look forward to sharing, bad photography and all.

~I’m a rather lucky soul if I say so myself~