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It could be considered shameful that 3 days after the official launch of the Outdoor Blogger Network one of the co-founders is finally making an announcement about the project on her own blog, but seriously, I have a totally legit excuse. Hear me out….

I was planning on writing this post on Mondays big day and publishing it exactly one minute after I published the “Launched!” post on the OBN.

However, word was getting out before I published that “Launched!” post and there was work to be done. Next thing I know, I’m hitting that “Launched!” button and…. A fantastic, overwhelming, awesome, oh shit I’m behind already, woohoo, email crushing Outdoor Blogger stampede occurred.

It’s been truly amazing. The Bloggers. The support. The emails. The blog posts being written about the Outdoor Blogger Network. The positive feedback. Everything.

An effort worth not fishing the last 10 days of my life. That would be TEN WHOLE days without Fly Fishing for me. There’s only been a few dire moments that I thought to myself, “Chicken Little was just a misunderstood soul. Clearly he hadn’t been Fly Fishing in awhile and that’s why he kept thinking the sky is falling.” I only had those sorts of thoughts when I was website programming. Temporary html insanity.

If by chance you haven’t heard about the Outdoor Blogger Network and you’re wondering what in the world I am talking about (and please remember, 10 days, no fishing, I’m not thinking coherently anymore) here’s the low down.

And now…with a click of this publish button, I’m going Fly Fishing.


Forward Casting: Bite Worthy Words 1

by Rebecca on November 19, 2009

in Forward Casting

As I drift down the Internet River I frequently come across articles written in other blogs/websites that catch my eye, delight my reading senses or merit a second cast. My Mother always taught me to share in good things, so this is my way of being unselfish and sharing the great discoveries I come across. I hope others enjoy these as much as I have ~

This humorous article by the Unaccomplished Angler ~ Waders and Leaking confirms all my suspicions about the distinct way men rush up a river bank and seek shelter next to the smallest twig tree around. It’s a wader versus man moment that requires a lot of concentration, planning and a helpful set of waders. The only thing left to say is, ponder the challenge from a ladies perspective~

This article found at Fly Fishin Fool ~ Introducing a youngen’ to the Sport tells and shows how taking out a newbie can result in a great time and BIG FISH. Zach is quickly becoming one of my favorite photographers of fly fishing. His pictures are incredible and the fish he always seems to catch……makes me want to move~

This link is to a video on Lunker Hunt ~ High Production value and Sweet I’ve watched it twice because in my world, there’s always been a great divide between those who bass fish and those who fly fish. This video is fly fishing for bass and I have to say, after I watched it, I called a bass fishing buddy and asked if he was game for a fly fisherman on the bass boat. He said, “welcome to the dark side”~

This simple little article gave me a good laugh. Take a peek at BAD FISH and his article: Steelheaders Phrase Association. I can only image the things Fly Shop guys hear on a weekly basis and this little insight proves that not all anglers are created with equal brain capacity ~ Just sayin’

And lastly, I offer a funny post from Rob who has a bad backcast but seems to catch fish anyway. His thoughts are about “Gear Guys” and it’s good to discover others out there can spot ‘Gear Guy’ as well as I can. I like Gear Guy, he keeps the fishing economy healthy but leaves the fish for us minimalist folks. Every stretch of river should have at least one gear guy—that’s my Motto and I’m sticking to it ~

That’s it, that’s all I’m sharing today. Feel the generousity! I promise, I really only hold out on super secret honey holes and my stock of bartered hand tied flies. Everything else I’m willing to share….I’m gracious like that.