Untouched Photo of Extraordinary

A sunrise or sunset isn’t extraordinary enough to inspire people to go outside everyday and witness each new statement the sun and the sky co-designs for us. Fact is, both instances happen once a day, every day, of every year and it’s awe is lost in the predictable repetition.

Yet, sometimes when I’m outside and I am paying attention, the visual lauguage of nature takes my breath away. I’ve found reasons not to believe in a thousand different things, however, I’ve never found cause to doubt whether the sun will rise or set each day. That is the predictability of Mother Nature and the comfort she provides. 

I consider it a bonus nature shows off with such colorful flair ~


The Fly Fishing Film Tour and Swag Girl

by Rebecca on February 23, 2010

in Fly Fishing

~Fly Fishing Film Tour~

On Saturday night I swallowed any public shyness I harbor, summoned my bravado and faced the ultimate herd of Fly Fisherman collected into one spot (without water) and went to the Drake Fly Fishing Film Tour as it passed through Boise Idaho.

When I first learned it was coming to town I had devised a plan. Buy a ticket, drive to event, wear my trusty fly fishing hat low over my brow and simply slink in and slink out. A bit like my normal Fly Shop routine.

However, the week prior to the film, I met via the Internet medium and phone, a local fly fisherman and custom rod builder, Steve Vance. We talked fishing a few times and the day before the showing, he called and asked me if I would help him and the tour out by passing out hats at the event.

By saying ya, sure, I can help out (handle it), I blew my incognito plan out like a river in early June run off. Next thing I knew I was party crashing the Idaho Angler pre-film gathering which was a great get together at a local fly fishing shop. Then we headed down to the theater and I became part of the Film Tour swag team! Talk about a good deal…and this is for everyone…for the price of one ticket you got entrance to the movie, a Fishpond hat, a Belize DVD, a Costa Del Mar sunglasses retainer and a swanky program….passed out in a frenzied blur by yours truly. (My only gig was Boise, sorry)

At one point the event guy running the actual theater told Steve and I to pick up the pace because the line of frothing fly fisherman stretched around the block. If I had a second to spare I would have explained to him that this was bonus swag of the fly fishing nature and such treasures shouldn’t be hurried. Instead of stating the obvious, I flung goodies as fast as I could. Hundreds of people had to pass by me and accept my swanky offerings, but I’ll be damned if I remember a single one in that blur. But…it was all good, I was like the fairy godmother of fishing.   

When the line finally stalled and the movie started, Steve and I raced into the theater to find a seat in the dark. Since this is the first time I’ve ever seen it, I have nothing to compare to past years films, but I really enjoyed myself. I can’t imagine a better time to tease the fly fishing soul and wet the parched lips of winter locked hysteria than a February film of fish temptations. Have a touch of Cabin Fever? Go see the Fly Fishing Film Tour for 3 hours of jealousy and visual pleasure.

I did have the pleasure of meeting Thad Robinson, Marc Crapo (stunning Indiana Jones satchel) and Jay (thank you for the t-shirt!) along with one special lady who seems to have as bad a luck as I do in the raffle department. Julie…lets go fishing soon!  

All in all, I’m very glad I went.


P.S. as a former swag swinger for the Fly Fishing Film Tour, a piece of advice. Get your tickets early and furthermore, get in line early! Some swag ran out and the stragglers only got a hat and program! Early hatch gets the biggest rewards ~

P.P.S. Hey John Dollar (who writes Seven Bridges Road) I waited and waited to be haunted, spooked, or at least feel the cold air of ghosts at the Egyptian Theater all night, but the only scary thing in the whole theater was the screaming fly fisherman =)


Fly Fishing on a stage while playing the Midge

by Rebecca on February 16, 2010

in Fly Fishing

~Working on the self portrait! Almost a whole face this time~

On Sunday I took Bandon the Bashful out for a Valentines Day event I knew she would appreciate more than say, a rawhide dipped in chocolate. We went to the local river establishment. A cheap venue, close to home, no-frills sort of date. She’s a dog, she’s easy to please.

I went to a new section of the river I’d never practised my casting on: a zone of water that I’m now torn over. In one regard, it’s a great stretch of water that provided a few nooks and crannies, seams and pools that I normally gravitate to. On the other hand, this stretch of river ended up (snuggling too close for comfort) right next to the walking path that partners with my local river for miles and miles.

Try as I might, I couldn’t ignore the fact that my choice of river locations for the day landed me square in the middle of lovers lane for Valentine walkers. Who would have thought every couple in my town would think a nice cold stroll along the river would emulate romanticism.

To me, fly fishing is a solitary act. An individual state of being wherein the practitioner goes to their happy place of mind and body. It’s like a Zen Fly Fishing Master whispers in my ear…..shhhconnect, be one with the river….

But on Lovers Lane Sunday, the Zen Master voice turned into a Cage Fight Announcer and chanted in my ear…..you have an audience! Catch a damn fish, these people are staring, waiting, cheering, watching, give ‘em a show!…..I realized I had waded myself into a spectator event and I was center stage. I admit it, I suffered from various degrees of stage fright. ( At one point I slowly turned around and counted 8 people stopped and watching me, I lost my happy place)

Not only did I have a constant stream of witnesses at my back, I had to submit my poor little flies for inspection several times. I guess if you have enough guys walking their ladies along the river, you’re bound to have a few fly fisherman sprinkled in the mix. Showing my flies in this manner always feels like a slim line between a Miss Fly America contest and the criminal line up at a police department. It’s either beauty approved or the guilty fly that belongs back in lock up…err,,,fly box. Thankfully my choice of flies got several nods of approval and no one said, “Umm, that fly only catches fish in Alabama.”

About the actual fish. I don’t wanna talk about them..(the dirty rotten)….  

~My big catch of the day.. Mr. Midget~

The best thing to interrupt my happy place all day was confessionals from two–not one–but two other fly fisherman. They both confessed they had been skunked. It’s not JUST ME!! Praise the fish gawds ~

Isn’t it time for some fluffy caddis? Perhaps a big juicy salmon fly? Soon maybe? Like tomorrow? I’ve had about all the midge fun I can take…..


Public Service Announcement: A Fly Giveaway! In honor of the big red heart day we just had, Austin from 365 Fly Fish is giving away a dozen #18 Red Hot Nymphs by Feb. 19th. OR by the 30th comment on his blog. All you have to do is leave a comment….so get on over there, cast your comment and you just might score some new flies~ LINK ~~> Red Hot Nymphs Ohh lala spreadin’ the love


Introspective Thought: A fishing side effect

by Rebecca on February 1, 2010

in Fly Fishing

Yesterday I tried to send January off under the bold banner of “FISH ON”  ~ So I braved the rugged lands, forged through rough water (I went to the local city river) and intentionally stood under the gray sky contemplating if the wet stuff that continued to fall on my head was snow, rain or a sweet cocktail of the two. As I parted water with my fly line, repetitiously, obsessively, my mind started to wander…

Introspective thought is just one of the many side effects a person can experience while fly fishing. Although I haven’t seen an actual warning label on say, new fly rods or reel purchases, my guess is the condition can be magnified when one isn’t catching fish. After switching flies like a politician who changes their vote repeatedly, my mind started to self sooth the obvious bad karma I’ve attracted. In other words, I created a list of possible reasons my fishing sucked…

~Bandon the Bashful Still won't look at the camera~

10) My loyal and constant dog companion Bandon wouldn’t get out of the water and her shivering was vibrating the water in such a manner that all fish within my casting range were alerted to our presence.

9) I irritated Fly Fishing Santa when I requested he throw in some Elves with the new drift boat I wanted (he gave me neither) and now I’m Christmas cursed for the year.

8 ) I got new waders and removed the wet factor/ torture factor/ blackened frozen toes factor and without medieval pain, there is no gain.

7) I still can’t tie flies worth a shit and by some karmic flaw in the fly fishing doctrine I’m being punished until I can I find the inner enjoyment of such a hobby.

Self Half Portrait of Bandon and I...this is why I need to hire a photographer~

6) I brought a camera to the river. Not only did I bring a camera to the river, I put in fresh batteries and brought two spares along. A camera is like fly fishing suicide…for me.

5) I’ve read and enjoyed too much of The Unaccomplished Angler and his fishing karma has tragically attached itself to me via Internet contamination.

4) Trout heard I made a pact to be nicer to whitefish in the year of 2010 and in retaliation for my cheating ways, they have formed an “ignore all of Rebecca Garlock flies society.”

3) Whitefish heard I made a pact to be nicer to them in 2010. When the memo went out that I’d be swinging for them intentionally, they scattered, and took a “NO Whitefish for YOU” mantra.  My new inability to get a single one (when previously I couldn’t keep them away from ruining my flies)  is most baffling. (Any advice Whitefish Ed?)

2) I could just suck.

And lastly, as the sun set in the distance and I could no longer feel my fingers, toes or nose, it hit me. The number 1 potential reason my fishing has encountered such a tragic taste of skunk.

1) BLOG~ I started this fishing blog which suggests I should be catching fish to write about. In turn the blog creates a need to catch I never felt before. The consulation prize: I now get the pleasure of writing about not catching fish (oh the fun for readership..please accept my apology). I was toast, cursed and entered the gates of fishing hell the second I purchased my Internet domain to write about the fish I (was) catch (ing).



Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Fly Shops…..

January 15, 2010

I can be…….. There is a level of trepidation that surrounds me each time I approach the doors of a Fly Fishing Shop….For awhile I wondered if it was just a ‘me’ thing, an individual nervousness that occurred without provocation or reason, but offhandedly, I’ve asked a few others about this peculiar neurosis and several of them also admitted the same pangs of [...]

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I resolve, To Be Nicer to White Fish in 2010

December 30, 2009

The week between Christmas and New Years (in my humble opinion), is a blank void that seems to stretch for weeks. I’m sure others have found a meaningful and time worthy purpose for these 7 days, but I just feel a dull space before the clean slate of a new year. With nothing better to do than count the [...]

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Warning Signs and Other Perplexing Ideas

December 4, 2009

This is the second edition of Signs that make a person think…What The Hell? The first entry of signs that I had collected from various places is located here ~ Warnings and Other Reasonable Guidelines and I’m happy to say that entry inspired a few people to send over more signs….. Without further adieu ~ This sign was [...]

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Fraudulent Fishing Behaviors

December 2, 2009

They say you can judge the character of a man by the company he keeps. (I’ll assume that principle applies to woman as well)  I know I gravitate to those I would consider like minded individuals who enjoy the same things I do. So basically that means I hang out with fisher types who consider a day on the water superior [...]

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Outdoor Adventures: Living The Dream

November 30, 2009

I’ve been known to load up an SUV with bare essentials and fly solo for days on end (sometimes a week or more) adrift and 100% alone. I’ll grab fly fishing paraphernalia, a sleeping bag, a pillow, a few items of clothing, a single cooler for my diet coke addiction and food items if there’s any [...]

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Disclosure Forms of the Outdoor Risk Variety

November 23, 2009

A few nights ago, my parents and I were discussing some of the tragic and hilarious outdoor trips we’ve taken with “risks’ in the past. A ‘risk’ is defined by someone you’ve never camped, fished, hiked, hunted or broke bread in the dirt with in. So basically, everyone reading this would be considered a ‘risk’ [...]

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