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So, one of the handy dandy internal programs here on this site of mine is the ability to see how people stumble their way to my website via organic Google search terms.

This is a screenshot (I could not resist taking) of an afternoon worth of search terms that Google took a look at and thought to itself, “Well hey, King Google knows the perfect place to fulfill that search term, let’s send them to the Outdooress who is sure to appease” ….

Female Fly Fishing

~Actual Fly Fishing Search Terms: These are not 'examples' ~

Which makes me want to apologize to the wayward Internet travelers (so sorry) and suggest a quick Google U-turn.

Maybe one of these days I’ll feel bad enough to post up a new page filled with bikini clad chicks in hip waders holding a fly rod in one hand and a rubber fish in the other. I could add a tab up top that says “BABES for the FLY” and that way a wandering visitor won’t feel ripped off.

Until then, (and this message is for google searchers of the sexy fly fishing nature) I’m here to help you out. Might I suggest a visit to one or both of the following websites. I know you are only looking for the articles and don’t really care about the pictures and all, but both of these sites will serve you well. I highly approve of them both…

All right, because I aim to please, I also offer you the most sexy fly fishing photo I’ve got. Big juicy lips ala Bonefish…

Sexy Fly Fishing

Lips To Die For

Just trying to be a good website host


Big Fish, Little Fish…Photo Envy

by Rebecca on January 30, 2010

in Fly Fishing

Big Fish

Does this count as a Big Fish Picture?

If one were to observe the fishing magazines, or stroll through all the profile portraits on Facebook or even visit various fishing blogs and websites, one might start to think the only fish to be caught were monsters that require a forklift to haul them out of the water. It’s almost enough to nudge those of us who cast our flies for the little fish into short-fish complex territory.

I’d love to claim I’ve caught loads of huge fish over the years, but truth be told, I catch more little fish than big fish. In my Idaho-ish fishing world, anything over 20 inches I consider an achievement. I guess that’s the limitations of enjoying the quiet streams, ordinary rivers and unpopular small time fisheries..(ok, and my blessed trout family)

I need to get back out, travel a little ways and catch a few big ass steelies or a knarly salmon so that I can get my very own big fish picture to flash during the moments I’m overcome with a small fish photo complex. This sense of photo envy (not to be mistaken for fish envy because I like my little fish just fine) rears it’s ugly head when I’m online. Doesn’t anyone proudly display pictures of little fish anymore?

Now, just to be clear, I’ve got nothing against the big fish. I appreciate the big fish as much as anyone. I’ve caught sturgeon, king salmon in Alaska, regular plain jane salmon and steelhead. I’m not immune to the thrill and spend a lot of my summer in pursuit of the big boys which I’m sure I’ll document for the first time via this medium….if I can convince someone to be a photographer.

I started this fishy blog 3 months ago. Until that point in time, I’d been lacking a certain ‘public’ incentive to take pictures of my adventures in fly swinging….I’m attempting to change that oversight by actively seeking individuals who would be willing to come fishing with me on the condition that they are to drop their pursuit of fish and take action shots of me when the moment calls for it. So far, within my own small group of fishing buddies, my requests have been met with resistance.

For example: A conversation with a roughneck fisherman I’ve nicknamed Huck:
Me: Huck, I need you to come fishing with me and be my designated photographer.
HUCK: Whatdayamean?
Me: Well, you’ll need to stay close to me and when I catch fish you’ll have to take pictures.
HUCK: Whatdayamean?
Me: Pictures. I need some damn pictures. I need you to stop fishing for 5 seconds and take my picture.
HUCK: You’re joking right? You want me to be your river bitch?
Me: See, this is why I have so few pictures of me holding fish. I have a blog now and a responsibility to visually represent my time on the water. I neeeeeeddddd a big fish picture!
HUCK: You want me to stop fishing when there’s big fish biting and take pictures of you? Sounds like a personal problem to me.
Me: I know….



The Ponderings of a Wandering Fly Fisher

by Rebecca on January 9, 2010

in Fly Fishing

The Mini Refresher:I know in my heart fly fishing is something I can learn in a lifetime. There’s a secret out there, a code I know nothing about–yet. Someday I’ll get to the point when I can slice a line through the air as quietly and involuntary as the act of breathing. Someday I will perform art on the riverbanks…….Someday, I will call myself a fly fisherman.” (first time I ever went fly fishing)

The Question:  “How different do you think you are now from the person you described then? Are you performing art yet?” asked in the comments by Clif  who writes the blog LunkerHunt

The Answer: Code…..the secret, that elusive feeling I wanted so badly all those years ago has indeed settled comfortably into my way of life. What I didn’t realize back then was that fly fishing and all it’s possible meanings is about individual definition rather than a general consensus.

I may be a member of the ‘club’ now, but my reasons, my observations, my levels of accompliment are seperate from the whole. It took time, but I eventually understood that I was writing my own code, creating my own secrets.

I spent the first few years of my learning phase safely tucked in my Fly Fishing Mentors creel. Through him, I learned the basic lessons, the little details that have become my second nature on the water. The days of casting with a precursery prayer of hope or the exclamation of thankfulness at the end of a successful cast was replaced with that involuntary action I coveted the first time.

At this point in my life, I will say~ I catch fish, I don’t struggle with casting or presentation. I can match the hatches adequetely, read water and all the subtitles it offers. I may even know a thing or two about fish. I have no doubt there is much more to learn….

As for how ‘good’ of a fly fisherman I am, honestly, I have no idea. Now that I think about it, I guess the judgement of how good a fisherman is lands squarely in the net of other people to decide. I haven’t physically fished with anyone who knows more about fly fishing than me in years so I haven’t exactly gotten any feedback….The truth is, when the river that my Fly Fishing Mentor and I waded together split into seperate channels, I entered my years of solitary wandering and learning.

When I wrote that final paragraph about my first time, I was eager to be an accepted member of an illusionary club I had created in my mind. Today I look back and admit that in reality, I choose a fly fishing path that was centered around being alone without ever feeling lonely. All these years, the river has been my companion, my comfort and the fly fishing is the thread that bound me there.

Which brings me to current days and this website I’ve created. Essentially it’s the biggest change of fishing direction I’ve taken in the last several years. By starting this writing venture and reaching out to other fisherman, I’ve finally made the first steps in joining a sense of community, aka, the Club.  My goal this year, beyond being nicer to whitefish, is to enhance my fly fishing experiences by sharing them with others, both on the rivers and off. 

And finally, if there is one claim I’m willing to make, it’s this…. I do consider myself a fly fisherman now. 


Amendment: as pointed out by Austin of the blog, 365 flyfish, I will also be entering the beginning stages (again) of fly tying this year. I have vise, feathers and I’m totally afraid to use them…….

(the tone of this entry is the viable risk one takes when self reflecting the personal evolution of their fly fishing. It can quickly vear down the drain of sentimental navel gazing)


I resolve, To Be Nicer to White Fish in 2010

by Rebecca on December 30, 2009

in Fly Fishing

~South Fork Of the Boise River~The week between Christmas and New Years (in my humble opinion), is a blank void that seems to stretch for weeks. I’m sure others have found a meaningful and time worthy purpose for these 7 days, but I just feel a dull space before the clean slate of a new year. With nothing better to do than count the hours, my mind tends to ponder the meaning of my previous year and the potential of my upcoming year.

Maybe that’s the reason for the 52nd week. This week long holding pattern is like false casting. A time to dry off the fly, look around and think carefully about where to make the next cast. Such hang time encourages one to take stock of  their life, and the panic or inspiration (depending how one looks at it) is probably why New Year Resolutions were born in the first place……..

2009 wasn’t such a great year for me and that’s all I’m going to say about that. I know as time meanders down the swift and choppy river I feel like I’ve been drifting in, the reality will calm into still water and memory will hold passionately to the good times, the big fish, the little fish and the ones that got away.

For me, that’s what a life spent outdoors does. It eases, heals, reminds, balances and teaches. During rough times, I only need to sneak away for a few hours on a river bank to ensure that eventually good memories will supersede darker times while lifes many turmoils are carried away with the current. It’s as it should be……

I titled this entry before I started writing and although I’ve gotten sidetracked with my thoughts I think I’ll leave it. I covet some good karma for the year 2010 and I shall start cultivating those good vibes by extending a Prince Nymph to the bane of my fly fishing world. The Whitefish.

Until I read this entry over at The Unaccompished Angler, I was under the assumption that ‘all things are created equal’  didn’t actually translate to ’Whitefish included’, but looking back, perhaps I was wrong. So now, today, I offer up my first New Year resolution.

I, Rebecca Anne, lady who wields a fly rod, hereby swears not to cuss, kick water, roll my eyes, yank in or otherwise throw an un-lady-like fit when she discovers a whitefish has ruthlessly grabbed one of her flies in the year 2010.

That resolution alone should earn me three good months of slack water and calm times! Ok, never mind, subtract one month off for the negative thoughts I just had about sucker fish. I’m not ready to be nicer to them. No way, not at all, not gonna happen…this year~



Fraudulent Fishing Behaviors

December 2, 2009

They say you can judge the character of a man by the company he keeps. (I’ll assume that principle applies to woman as well)  I know I gravitate to those I would consider like minded individuals who enjoy the same things I do. So basically that means I hang out with fisher types who consider a day on the water superior [...]

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Fly Fishing Identity: FlyLady? Flychick? Flygirl?

October 24, 2009

Men have it easy in this department and I imagine they have never looked at this name thing from a female perspective. They are Flyfisherman. A.K.A. Fisherman, the universal meaning for those that cast a line. Considering guys started the activity, I guess it’s only fair they get the easiest designation. But when you are female, the lines [...]

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