Fly Fishing for Brown Trout

Birthday Brown

by Rebecca on May 21, 2012

in Fly Fishing

Brown Trout

A Birthday Brown

Whenever a Birthday comes along I find myself faced with the same questions. And no, the questions aren’t pondering the meaning of life as the time clock ticks another one off on me.

I’m saving the meaning of life questions for a more pressing time, like if I find myself drowning after taking a step too far into a river. Less time for regrets that way…

The birthday questions come from others and they usually fall along the lines of — what do you want and what do you want to do — and I’ll shrug my shoulders and vaguely say, “Surprise Me.”

Doing that leaves a lot of things up to chance, but I have to say, this year the family did good. Really good. First off, I got a new fly rod. A 12 wt fly rod that should eliminate my recent fears of fly rod snap when pursuing big salmon. With this birthday present I feel like I’ve upgraded from a willow stick to a tire iron.

In other words, bring it on salmon…I’ll no longer be snapping off on purpose to save a fly rod. (Anyone have some reel suggestions?)

~ Thank You Family ~

rainbow troutSince my birthday was Sunday, they also strategically planned the gathering early in the morning and when we had finished up, they sent me off fly fishing for the afternoon.

A birthday spent fly fishing (with family approval)…does it get much better than that?

My first fish was a dinky little rainbow trout, not exactly the Birthday Brown I was hoping for, but I had a picture taken anyway, just in case that was my big catch.

The day went exactly as I had hoped (and I imagine my family hoped) — I caught fish. Big fish, little fish, birthday fish.

I never fell into the water and was forced to ponder the meaning of life. I always consider that a bonus to a day of fishing.

All in all…a great day even if it means I now have to be another year older.

Bandon Approved


Mr. Brown

I’m happy to report that Wolfy aka Joe, came to my stomping grounds here in Idaho, spent a few days fishing with me and I sent him back East not only ALIVE, but without snake bite nor bear attack wounds. I consider those facts an enormous bonus to the grading curve of my tour guide skills.

We got the snake issue out of the way on the first day, in the first hour of our expedition. I, or the tires of my Fishcruiser, squished a rather large, coiled up snake on the road that gave off a very loud ”POP”when I accidentally (I swear) ran over it. Joe asked, “What was that?!” To which I replied, “Rattle Snake!! We should be in the clear for the remainder of our trip.” I’m not sure if he believed me or not, but I injected as much hopefulness as I could muster.

I took Joe to a River. You know, just your random type river that I can’t recall the name of…Anyway, after driving along for awhile, we picked a location and tried our hand at fly fishing together-ish…

Joe with a Sir Brown Trout

He went up river, I lingered down river, but we were still within sign language distance of each other. I’d say we used all the basic Fishing gestures. One hand holding a bent fly rod while pointing with the other hand down to the water to indicate fish on. A double arms thrown up in the air when we just missed a fish or broke off. Hands extended out from one another to indicate a big fish. Just the basics. At one point Joe made all the right hand signs and I immediately understood that he had a big one on and a net…and photograph would be in order. I was delighted to be of service! (Bonus Tour Guide Points)

The day progressed along great. Joe was catching fish left and right which is documented very nicely here —> Wester Trout adventures with The Outdooress Part 1 and I was relieved that he wouldn’t return home smelling like Western Skunk.

Fish On

Unlike me, who still hasn’t figured out the fine art of photographing my Fly Fishing experiences, Joe was snapping pictures throughout the day. I think I took a total of 5 pictures. Joe probably took around 100. Because of his attention to the details a rare and unique thing happened. There are now certifiable pictures of me Fly Fishing. Now if only someone would come visit me on a weekly basis I’d have a whole gallery of action!

Meeting Joe was a great experience. I sat back and watched him quite a bit since my exposure to other Fly Fisherman has been rather limited over the years. He is a wealth of knowledge and a damn good Fly Fisherman. We had a blast, gave each other shit occasionally ( Joe, I still say my hopper pattern sucked) and I never almost drowned, which now that I think about it, could be credited to my highly skilled water ballet maneuvers I performed for Joe while wading through a moss covered boulder field in the river.

In my opinion, we Fly Fished together like old time buddies, not two people who had just met face to face. Even though Joe didn’t get to test out his running in waders skills from a bear attack, I’m fairly certain he had a memorable time anyway. I know I did ~

Thank You Joe for the Pictures and Experience!