Fly Fishing Film Tour

The Fly Fishing Film Tour and Swag Girl

by Rebecca on February 23, 2010

in Fly Fishing

~Fly Fishing Film Tour~

On Saturday night I swallowed any public shyness I harbor, summoned my bravado and faced the ultimate herd of Fly Fisherman collected into one spot (without water) and went to the Drake Fly Fishing Film Tour as it passed through Boise Idaho.

When I first learned it was coming to town I had devised a plan. Buy a ticket, drive to event, wear my trusty fly fishing hat low over my brow and simply slink in and slink out. A bit like my normal Fly Shop routine.

However, the week prior to the film, I met via the Internet medium and phone, a local fly fisherman and custom rod builder, Steve Vance. We talked fishing a few times and the day before the showing, he called and asked me if I would help him and the tour out by passing out hats at the event.

By saying ya, sure, I can help out (handle it), I blew my incognito plan out like a river in early June run off. Next thing I knew I was party crashing the Idaho Angler pre-film gathering which was a great get together at a local fly fishing shop. Then we headed down to the theater and I became part of the Film Tour swag team! Talk about a good deal…and this is for everyone…for the price of one ticket you got entrance to the movie, a Fishpond hat, a Belize DVD, a Costa Del Mar sunglasses retainer and a swanky program….passed out in a frenzied blur by yours truly. (My only gig was Boise, sorry)

At one point the event guy running the actual theater told Steve and I to pick up the pace because the line of frothing fly fisherman stretched around the block. If I had a second to spare I would have explained to him that this was bonus swag of the fly fishing nature and such treasures shouldn’t be hurried. Instead of stating the obvious, I flung goodies as fast as I could. Hundreds of people had to pass by me and accept my swanky offerings, but I’ll be damned if I remember a single one in that blur. But…it was all good, I was like the fairy godmother of fishing.   

When the line finally stalled and the movie started, Steve and I raced into the theater to find a seat in the dark. Since this is the first time I’ve ever seen it, I have nothing to compare to past years films, but I really enjoyed myself. I can’t imagine a better time to tease the fly fishing soul and wet the parched lips of winter locked hysteria than a February film of fish temptations. Have a touch of Cabin Fever? Go see the Fly Fishing Film Tour for 3 hours of jealousy and visual pleasure.

I did have the pleasure of meeting Thad Robinson, Marc Crapo (stunning Indiana Jones satchel) and Jay (thank you for the t-shirt!) along with one special lady who seems to have as bad a luck as I do in the raffle department. Julie…lets go fishing soon!  

All in all, I’m very glad I went.


P.S. as a former swag swinger for the Fly Fishing Film Tour, a piece of advice. Get your tickets early and furthermore, get in line early! Some swag ran out and the stragglers only got a hat and program! Early hatch gets the biggest rewards ~

P.P.S. Hey John Dollar (who writes Seven Bridges Road) I waited and waited to be haunted, spooked, or at least feel the cold air of ghosts at the Egyptian Theater all night, but the only scary thing in the whole theater was the screaming fly fisherman =)