Perplexing Outdoor Signs

This is the second edition of Signs that make a person think…What The Hell? The first entry of signs that I had collected from various places is located here ~ Warnings and Other Reasonable Guidelines and I’m happy to say that entry inspired a few people to send over more signs…..

Without further adieu ~


yes-no-maybe-DRIVE AWAY

This sign was sent to me from Rod aka BackyardBass on twitter. He came across this ironic sign while fly fishing for red fish in Florida and he and his family had a good hour laugh about it. They figured it was a sign for the whishy washy people of the world. If you’re the sort that can’t make up your mind, than this sign is for YOU~

So the obvious question would seem, if one is going through a drive thru, why in the world would they need to park? Or, in an effort to confuse people, some smart ass developed this sign so that he could pull up a lawn chair and watch people park, unpark, park, unpark and finally drive away looking over their shoulder to make sure no one was laughing at them.

Any way you look at it, signs like this are put on this planet to confound the mind and put the huh in our days.

Better than Viagra?

The fine print: "Sold here, its Better than Viagra, ask for Iona stall 14"

This sign was sent over from Pete who is Captain of the Fishing Jones blog.

First of all, I should mention I live in Idaho. That’s, I-Da-Ho, lands of meat and potatoes. The Simple Life. The only thing that could qualify as exotic in this territory is the bikini strippers at the local Wagon Wheel joint ~~ and those bikini’s can’t legally come off and erode the minds of Idaho citizens. So, basically, I reside in a sheltered bubble.

So when an innocent Idaho mind like my own (my fish stories are all true as well, you just have to believe) sees a sign for fresh Conch Salad I immediately want to hurl. The way I see it, a fresh conch is akin to an overgrown snail on steroids. No thank you~ However, I learned something new from this sign, a google verification search and am more than happy to innocently pass it along for the largely male audience I have. If you can choke down an over grown snail without hurling, the side effects just might… *cough* I can’t do it. I can’t write out the side effects for conch consumption. (read the fine print under photo) I’ll just say this, if the effects last more then 4 hours, eat a baked potato, the antidote to all of life’s ahh ailments~~

And on that note, because really, what else could I write….this concludes today’s sign feature. Keep a watch out for me, take your cameras with you (that includes you Rob) and send me pictures of those signs that inspire the double take so I can feature them~

Thank you Rod and Pete!


~Irish Antifreeze~

~Irish Antifreeze~

Bonus Picture: In an effort to explain to me how fisherman in Minnesota stay warm, Karl the Trout Whisperer sent me a visual explanation. He wrote, “you mentioned it looked cold…please review enclosed photo…its how we handle the cold in the great north woods….Irish antifreeze…”

So that’s how the ice fisherman do it, stay warm that is……….and, I’ve studied that fishing hole and I think if I stood back far enough, I just might be able to fly fish it from the right angle! (grin)


"Do Not Clean Fish In Sink"

"Do Not Clean Fish In Sink"

Recently I read a great article by the Trout Whisperer and his words reminded me of a hobby I recently adopted. Basically, I kept running into signs in the Great Outdoors that made me stop and wonder, “For Real? Seriously? No they didn’t, oh yes they did!” So I did what any amused soul should do, I started taking pictures, proof style, so I could later reflect on the importance of well placed guidelines.

Maybe this first picture is an Idaho bathroom thing, but I hope not! Surely this is a concern in other states as well, but at this point I haven’t gathered any collaboration. The only reason such a sign could exist in a bathroom is because somewhere a person decided a public bathroom was a sanitary sanctuary in which to gut pile a fish and wash it clean.

Finding this sign in a ladies room inspired an instant gasp of denial from me… for the collective female race. We gals would never! I won’t point any fingers here, so I’ll just assume the sign was put in the ladies room, as well as the mens, as an equality requirement, not insinuation.



This sign is probably the direct result of someone putting their hot dog packages, a few propane bottles and empty beer cans down an outhouse toilet.

I guess the suggestion of “pack it in, pack it out” is a loose term defined differently on an individual basis. In most cases, “pack it in, pack it out”  means hauling all forms of trash back home. In a more narrow field of humans, “pack it in and pack it to the OUT-house” is a perfectly acceptable interpretation of the suggested guidelines. Hopefully this sign brings clarification to their bathroom etiquette or at the very least a gentle reminder that only a few things belong down a toilet– like last nights chili…but not the actual can…..

In Other words, not a good place for a swim

In Other words, not a good place for a swim

This sign was located on a dam, with a sheer drop off and a spillway right below it. I wondered, who in their right mind would look at the body of water swirling like churning death below and think to themselves, “Oh wow! That looks like a damn good place to take a swim.”

Of all the pictures I’ve collected, this is my favorite. I like it’s tone, the point blank.. hey you, if you want to live, don’t be a moron and climb the fence, or do a swan dive, or attempt a backstroke over the spillway. I suppose in the face of certain death, subtle suggestions would be an ineffective jolt.

The scary part about these signs and others I’ve collected is the realization that they are posted because someone already tried it. Be it fish cleaning in a public bathroom sink, a propane bottle down the throne of an outhouse or playing dare devil on a dam.

I’ll continue to be on the look out for signs that evoke a double take. It is my wish today that you will be as lucky as I have been and come across signs that give you a shake of your head, validation of your good common sense and a decent chuckle. Keep a look out~


Comment from John who writes Seven Bridges Road: “”You should do a sign of the week or month and maybe allow submissions from your blog followers? Could get interesting.”"

I think that’s a great idea! I would love to see what others find on their many adventures and post them as a special feature. Sooo….if anyone comes across a double take, take a picture, email me, I’ll feature your special find! My contact information is on the About Rebecca page~