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Spring has Sprung?

by Rebecca on April 3, 2012

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Over on the OBN I asked people from across the nation to share Spring pictures for all (me) to enjoy. In everyone’s pictures I’m seeing blooms and greenness that is making me rather envious.

Bandon and I went down to the river the other day because:

  1. I was going stir crazy and it was getting ugly
  2. My Internet was down
  3. See number 1

The local Boise river was high, really high and the trees for the most part were barren.
I’m not sure who got more depressed.

  • Me: Because the signs of Spring were few and far in-between.
  • Bandon: Because I wouldn’t throw a single stick in the river for her because Ididn’t want to watch her get swept away.

So this is my contribution to the Spring photo prompt….if you look closely, we’ve got a bit of green grass. That’s right, all I have to offer is green grass and one forlorn dog.

Come on Spring! Get with the program…..Pretty Please with a Tulip on Top


For the Outdoor Photo Prompt “Show us the Action” on the Outdoor Blogger Network

Photo Analysis:
Reel Spinning ~ Check
Fingers pulled back out of harms way ~ Check
(yes, I learned that lesson the hard *WHACK* way)
(Ok…a couple of times)
Line into the backing ~ Check
Bonefish On!

Or perhaps another view of that action…..

Photo Credits: Cameron Miller
Action and Fun Factor Credit: Deneki Fly Fishing


Sea Shells By The Sea Bunny…

by Rebecca on April 22, 2011

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Until last month, my beach combing experiences have been limited to the Oregon and California coast. That means for the whole of my life, finding a non-broken seashell was considered a major treasure score. If it was a non-broken seashell bigger than my thumbnail…well, stop the presses and behold the most amazing seashell..ever.

So imagine me, deprived of ever finding a seashell whole enough or big enough to hear the waves in, on South Andros Island, suddenly surrounded by mountains of big beautiful seashells.  It made me want to box all those conch shells up, ship them to the Oregon coast and each night I could cruise up and down the beaches dropping a bit of seashell awesomeness along the way for kids to find in the morning.

I think that would be way better than the Easter bunny.


Bandon the Resentful

by Rebecca on November 5, 2010

in Outdoor Photo Journal

Bandon, waiting for the "Fish On" Alert

Over on the Outdoor Blogger Network I prompted the Outdoor Blogging community to share their favorite four legged friend this week for a Photo Challenge. I figured it was about time I stopped working so much and joined in the fun.

Bandon the ever watchful as a Fish is brought in

Typically I refer to my golden retriever as “Bandon The Bashful” but I’m convinced she’s currently miffed at me which has inspired the “Resentful” reclassification.

Just like any red blooded female, she can hold a grudge and I have no doubt she’s holding one against me still, for ditching her on my recent Yellowstone trip.

That’s right, I left her home like a mean, inhumane dog owner. I know, I know, you don’t have to say it. That act of outdoor abandonment was the lowest of lows.

I plan on making it up to her this weekend by letting her chase fish at my feet and dirty up my FishCruiser with weeds and mud. Hopefully by next year she’ll forgive, but I doubt she’ll ever forget…


Tricky Tricky

October 6, 2010

Oh the fun you can have on the Internet. I’ve spruced up the ‘About Rebecca’ page with a visual explanation of that Outdooress chick. Since my blog entry count has been sparse lately, I thought I’d share it out here as well, front and center. (I’ll take any bonus points I can get) If you [...]

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The Color of 6 A.M.

September 19, 2010

I’m back from a couple of weeks chasing Elk around the Mountain Tops of Central Oregon. Every single day I was up on the Mountain early enough to watch the sunrise and every single day I was still up on the Mountain to watch the sunset. I had a wonderful time and will  muse about [...]

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Mr. Spots

September 1, 2010

In a rare stroke of clearness, I accidentally got a decent face on picture of this fish. Usually everything I try to do while I’m wrestling with fly rod, net, current, fish and bloody camera looks like a fingerprint smudge —However, in a desperate attempt to figure out what I was doing wrong, I did [...]

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Fishing the Middle Fork

August 25, 2010

 Joe and I spent a second day Fly Fishing up on the Middle Fork of the Boise River—A complete 180 from the big fish fiesta of the day before. I wasn’t worried about the lack of fish size or rod bending action since Joe had assured me that he liked little river, little fish adventures [...]

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It’s a Bug Thing

August 4, 2010

After I finished a much needed grease breakfast in the  ‘don’t blink’ town of Spray Oregon over the weekend, I noticed this bug on the inside of the Fishcruisers windshield. I couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking from his drivers side view of all the dead splatters of perished cousins. Lucky perhaps? Normally I would be [...]

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Fly Fishing The Oregon View

July 26, 2010

Fly Fishing in Oregon: Oh the words I could use to describe it that have nothing to do with actual fish. For one, the rich beauty from every angle is awe inspiring. When Mother Nature was swirling her creative stick over the lands, I’m pretty sure she saved Oregon for last and gave it a [...]

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