Forward Casting

So this fishing blog of mine is going to expand it’s horizons today and participate in some community fun, scavenger hunt style.

We are mostly fisherman, right? Which means we enjoy a challenge, thrive on the seek and net aspect of life. So this should be right up everyones river, especially since this river has a $50 dollar gift card to Cabela’s at the end of it for one lucky winner. Don’t have a Cabela’s near you? That’s ok, use it online!

Rest assured, there is no bait and switch at the end of this contest. Sadly, no one will be required to send me a box of hand tied flies or anything brilliant like that to score the loot. Nope, just an email with all 5 questions correctly answered will suffice and put you in the official RNG drawing.

So flex your ‘search blog’ muscles, find the answer to my question (much easier to spot than a bonefish) and then off you go to visit the 4 other fantastic Fishing Blogs that are part of this contest. The official rules are below, so once you have torn your eyes away from my sparkle (hypnotize you into needing to win) banner, get to business, find some answers and win some fishing funds!

You’ll need to visit each one of these blogs to find the answer to their individual questions:

Lunker Hunt: - Facebook ~ ”Which species of fish did I catch and then release without submitting for the state record it deserved.”

Journal of a Minnesota Angler: - FacebookTwitter ~”In which of my top adventures of 2010 did I catch my personal best largemouth bass?”

Troutrageous!: - FacebookTwitter ~ ”I hate a specific day of the week. In fact I think it’s the worst day of the week. What day is it?”

The River Damsel: - Facebook ~ ”I took ‘Idaho By Storm’ with Rebecca ‘The Outdooress’ and Cardboard Kirk…What did we have for lunch?”

You are here…at the Outdooress homestead:  - FacebookTwitter ~ ”My first fly rod was a Redington Redstart. What was it’s nickname?”

Official Rules:

  • Send all 5 answers to me, or any of the participating bloggers. See their post of this contest for their contact information.  Click here to view my contact info.
  • You must answer all 5 questions correctly, as determined by each blogger, to qualify for the drawing.
  • You are allowed to send your answers to multiple bloggers, thereby increasing your chances of winning. So if you send your answer to all 5 of us, you get 5 entries.
  • We will put all the correct entries together, sort by date received and pick a winner using OBN’s famous RNG.
  • Contest runs from today (April 21st) to 11:59:59.9 PM CDT, April 30th.
  • Contest winner must be from U.S. or Canada. Gift card will be in U.S. funds.



by Rebecca on July 24, 2010

in Forward Casting

~The official "Outdooress" Fishcruiser~

The Fishcruiser and I have been gone again, you know, off doing what we do. This time I was in Oregon for a week and I’ll share a bit of that adventure here next week.

Until then, I wanted to point you all in the direction of Kirk Werner, Author of a series of children fly fishing books, Olive the Woolly Bugger and blog writer of The Unaccomplished Angler.

He’s written a sticky sort of article about Fisherman and their penchant for decorating their vehicles with fishy flash. There’s a lot of stickery going on, and Kirks got the visuals to prove it.  Check it out here, Fly Fishing is a Stickery Business, and let us know if you have kept your fishcruiser clean and free of stickery or if you have succumbed to the dark side like many of us have…..


Forward Casting: Bite Worthy Words 2

by Rebecca on January 26, 2010

in Forward Casting

As I drift down the Internet River I frequently come across articles written in other blogs/websites that catch my eye, delight my reading senses or merit a second cast. My Mother always taught me to share in good things, so this is my way of being unselfish and sharing the great discoveries I come across. I hope others enjoy these as much as I have ~

Beginnings: Kentucky Jim’s: Fishing in the Gene Pool ~ A beautiful and well written piece on the history and art of fishing through the ages. In the present day world of grip and grins, it’s good to go back to our beginnings and remind ourselves of the many pleasures and gifts a life spent casting a line can offer.

New Fly Fishing Blog: A brand spanking new fly fishing blog, The Fly Fishing Monster, by Nerveracker. Now, I hope the advent of his new fly fishing blog doesn’t decrease the length of his comments around these parts. I’ve come to enjoy Daves stories and observations via the comment setting, it’s like reading a blog entry within a blog entry (which makes him a writer sort, we are never brief). It was only a matter of time before he settled into his own corner. He has wit, humor and a fresh outlook from the eyes of someone considered a ‘newbie’ to fly fishing. Give him a visit ~

Fly Fishing Directory: Have a lot of free time in your day? Is cabin fever getting the best of you? Than what you need is more online sites to visit! Take a peek at Deneki’s Ultimate Fly Fishing Directory. It’s like a smorgasbord of fish pellets for the person who can’t get enough. Have a fly fishing blog as well? Leave a comment and get yourself added. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the site because it’s guaranteed to make you want to quit your job, grab your fly rod and travel….asap.

The Hatchery Truck: I’ve just discovered this blog, but found myself reading quite a few entries (always a good sign!) When I stumbled across this entry I had to 1) Laugh 2) ponder what I would do in that situation & 3) agree at the very end, that sometimes, we all just want to catch a fish. Go check out Fat Guy Fly Fishing and the entry, When the Hatchery Man Cometh.  What would you do???

Seduction of Flies: I’ve heard the expression Fish Porn before, and maybe Fly Porn is already out there as well, but if I could pick one website that represents what I would consider ‘Fly Porn’ it would be SwittersB & Fly Fishing. Several times per day new entries are put up that usually depict a fly in various states of dressing. It’s the flashings, and beads, and hackle and feathers and hooks…oh my…The big bold centerfold Fly pictures are enough to get my heart beating faster and I can’t help but think if fish could peruse a website they would be addicted to SwittersB…(Like I am)



Forward Casting: Bite Worthy Words 1

by Rebecca on November 19, 2009

in Forward Casting

As I drift down the Internet River I frequently come across articles written in other blogs/websites that catch my eye, delight my reading senses or merit a second cast. My Mother always taught me to share in good things, so this is my way of being unselfish and sharing the great discoveries I come across. I hope others enjoy these as much as I have ~

This humorous article by the Unaccomplished Angler ~ Waders and Leaking confirms all my suspicions about the distinct way men rush up a river bank and seek shelter next to the smallest twig tree around. It’s a wader versus man moment that requires a lot of concentration, planning and a helpful set of waders. The only thing left to say is, ponder the challenge from a ladies perspective~

This article found at Fly Fishin Fool ~ Introducing a youngen’ to the Sport tells and shows how taking out a newbie can result in a great time and BIG FISH. Zach is quickly becoming one of my favorite photographers of fly fishing. His pictures are incredible and the fish he always seems to catch……makes me want to move~

This link is to a video on Lunker Hunt ~ High Production value and Sweet I’ve watched it twice because in my world, there’s always been a great divide between those who bass fish and those who fly fish. This video is fly fishing for bass and I have to say, after I watched it, I called a bass fishing buddy and asked if he was game for a fly fisherman on the bass boat. He said, “welcome to the dark side”~

This simple little article gave me a good laugh. Take a peek at BAD FISH and his article: Steelheaders Phrase Association. I can only image the things Fly Shop guys hear on a weekly basis and this little insight proves that not all anglers are created with equal brain capacity ~ Just sayin’

And lastly, I offer a funny post from Rob who has a bad backcast but seems to catch fish anyway. His thoughts are about “Gear Guys” and it’s good to discover others out there can spot ‘Gear Guy’ as well as I can. I like Gear Guy, he keeps the fishing economy healthy but leaves the fish for us minimalist folks. Every stretch of river should have at least one gear guy—that’s my Motto and I’m sticking to it ~

That’s it, that’s all I’m sharing today. Feel the generousity! I promise, I really only hold out on super secret honey holes and my stock of bartered hand tied flies. Everything else I’m willing to share….I’m gracious like that.