Fly Fishing Causes

Adaptive Fly Fishing Institute

I believe that when a person picks up a Fly Rod and performs any sort of cast into the water they are creating a moment that goes well beyond the possibility of catching a fish.

Days on the water are experiences and memories. An individual act that bears no singular definition, yet, we all feel a general sense of common revelation that’s not entirely simple to define. In easy terms I’d say: Time spent fly fishing is good for the body, the mind and the soul.

Which is why I will always stand behind a cause that shows others who may be struggling physically or emotionally the wonderful healing benefits fly fishing offers. The Adaptive Fly Fishing Institute  is in the running for the Pepsi sponsored Refresh Project. If they were to get enough votes by March 31st, they could take 10 wounded soldiers to Hawaii for an Adaptive Fly Fishing trip. I have a deep respect and admiration for those serving in the military and this is a cause everyone can easily support.

It takes a minute of your time, a few clicks of the computer cursor, an email address and you’re done. Simple. Easy. Worthwhile. Want to make a bigger difference? Feature this cause on your own website, blog, twitter, facebook. Spread the word!

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Take 10 Wounded Soldiers to Hawaii for an Adaptive Fly Fishing Trip
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