September 2012

Sometimes it takes Two Flies…

by Rebecca on September 26, 2012

in Fly Fishing

Zebra Midge Recovery

You know what your Momma says, if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

I know losing flies is sort of the price of admission in fly fishing, but I really hate when a fly goes missing.

Maybe it’s the Momma in me who hates to lose one of her tiny kids in the wilds. Or the Sargent in me that insists all her troops return safely to their fly box. Never leave a man err, fly behind.

It could also be the fact that when I first started fly fishing I couldn’t really afford to buy flies and to lose one meant a serious personal blow to my limited fly options. Perhaps I’m still holding onto that frugal mentality all these years later.

Which is why it felt like a mini-celebration when I snapped off a little Zebra midge recently with a bad hook set, retied another Zebra and hooked the fish again.

Best fly retrieval I’ve ever experienced…

I shall deem this fish, Two Timer

Thank You Rachel Morgan for taking pictures!


Moonlight Risings

by Rebecca on September 20, 2012

in Fly Fishing

Matt and I casting below the full moon. Photo by Grant Taylor

Excerpt from the Fishing Poet by Matt Smythe:

“By the time Rebecca and I were fifteen paces away he was as much a part of the dark wash of brush as the brush itself. We picked our way down the embankment and across an open area to the riverbank, hoppers still clicking from our path. We waded slowly together out into the glass, catching evidence of rising fish in the splish and frail reflection of what little moonlight the clouds afforded. Riffles a hushed murmur fifty yards downstream.”

Go Forth, Read the rest of “Rising in the Dark”

The night was indeed once in a Blue Moon, thank you Matt…