April 2012

So, one of the handy dandy internal programs here on this site of mine is the ability to see how people stumble their way to my website via organic Google search terms.

This is a screenshot (I could not resist taking) of an afternoon worth of search terms that Google took a look at and thought to itself, “Well hey, King Google knows the perfect place to fulfill that search term, let’s send them to the Outdooress who is sure to appease” ….

Female Fly Fishing

~Actual Fly Fishing Search Terms: These are not 'examples' ~

Which makes me want to apologize to the wayward Internet travelers (so sorry) and suggest a quick Google U-turn.

Maybe one of these days I’ll feel bad enough to post up a new page filled with bikini clad chicks in hip waders holding a fly rod in one hand and a rubber fish in the other. I could add a tab up top that says “BABES for the FLY” and that way a wandering visitor won’t feel ripped off.

Until then, (and this message is for google searchers of the sexy fly fishing nature) I’m here to help you out. Might I suggest a visit to one or both of the following websites. I know you are only looking for the articles and don’t really care about the pictures and all, but both of these sites will serve you well. I highly approve of them both…

All right, because I aim to please, I also offer you the most sexy fly fishing photo I’ve got. Big juicy lips ala Bonefish…

Sexy Fly Fishing

Lips To Die For

Just trying to be a good website host


Fly Fishing for BonefishIt’s been a year now since I went Fly Fishing for Bonefish on Andros South, which means I can officially swing into a nostalgic frame of mind.

When I started down memory lane, I started going through my photos from the trip.

Then I started watching the videos I took during the trip.

Then I started thinking about my year in fly fishing after I left the Bahama region.

And I realized something.

A trip bonefishing like the one I took via Deneki Lodge can seriously screw up any fly fishing trips you take after you are forced to return home.

Before I left for the Bahamas, I did my research, what to expect when bonefishing and all that jazz, but no where on the Deneki website did I read about the potential side effects and issues such a trip could have on my home water fly fishing.

So I wrote Deneki: A complaint letter

Go read it and then I’ll feel like I’ve done my duty, stood by the code of fly fishing and warned everyone of the hazards you may unwittingly return home with after such a trip.

A video to feed my nostalgia:

May you all suffer the tortures I’ve had to endure over the last year…



The following is a guest post available to all outdoor bloggers who have an interest in the Pebble Mine/Bristol Bay issue.
Please feel free to re-post it on your blog. 

(Passed along from the conservation section over on the OBN ~
Go check it out, copy it from here, copy it from there, but let’s spread the word)

Influential is right, so don’t forget to submit a form from the link near the bottom of post and show your support to those who are fighting for us all.

Thank You Everyone ~ Rebecca

Sportsmen fly to DC to tell president and congress to say no to Pebble Mine

Fly Fishing

Photo by B.O'Keefe

Starting Monday, April 16, more than 30 sportsmen from around the country are traveling to the nation’s capitol to let their elected officials and the president know that protecting Bristol Bay is a top priority for hunters and anglers.

This is an important week to show the folks who have the power to protect Bristol Bay that sportsmen are in this fight. We’ve got folks from Alaska, Montana, Michigan, Colorado, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin, Washington, North Carolina, California, Missouri, New York, and Virginia representing this great country and the millions of people who want Bristol Bay to be protected and left just like it is today–pristine and productive.

recent report by the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation shows that there are 34 million hunters and anglers in the U.S., and we’re a powerful constituency. Every year, we pump $76 billion into the economy in pursuit of our passion, through our spending on gear, licenses, gas, lodging, meals and more. All of that spending and activity directly supports 1.6 million jobs in this country.

We are also an influential group because 80 percent of sportsmen are likely voters – much higher than the national average. And, we also contribute the most money of any group toward government wildlife conservation programs. So, hopefully if we care about an issue and show our support, the decision makers will listen to what we have to say.

In just a few weeks, the EPA will be releasing a draft of its Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. This huge scientific assessment will likely guide future decisions about large-scale mining and other industrial development in the Bristol Bay region. If they find that disposal of waste from the mine would adversely harm the surrounding clean waters or natural resources, the EPA can deny or place restrictions on a required dredge and fill permit. If warranted, we hope the Obama Administration would take that step to protect Bristol Bay.

You can support the fight for one of planet Earth’s finest and most productive fishing and hunting destinations by taking action today. Fill out this simple form that will send a letter to the President and your members of Congress asking them to protect Bristol Bay.  Let’s carry our sportsmen into D.C. with a lot of momentum.


Spring has Sprung?

by Rebecca on April 3, 2012

in Outdoor Photo Journal

Over on the OBN I asked people from across the nation to share Spring pictures for all (me) to enjoy. In everyone’s pictures I’m seeing blooms and greenness that is making me rather envious.

Bandon and I went down to the river the other day because:

  1. I was going stir crazy and it was getting ugly
  2. My Internet was down
  3. See number 1

The local Boise river was high, really high and the trees for the most part were barren.
I’m not sure who got more depressed.

  • Me: Because the signs of Spring were few and far in-between.
  • Bandon: Because I wouldn’t throw a single stick in the river for her because Ididn’t want to watch her get swept away.

So this is my contribution to the Spring photo prompt….if you look closely, we’ve got a bit of green grass. That’s right, all I have to offer is green grass and one forlorn dog.

Come on Spring! Get with the program…..Pretty Please with a Tulip on Top