October 2011

Where Art Thee Fly Fishing Blogger…

by Rebecca on October 5, 2011

in Outdooress News

First off, lack of blog posts over the last 3 months should not imply that I haven’t been busy busy…

Ummm....I'm officially frightened

For example, at the beginning of the summer the Outdooress persona got her own LOGO.

One might think getting their own logo is an easy process.

However, when you work with someone who has a vision of what you could represent and a wicked sense of humor things can get scary pink — quick.


Thankfully, the graphic designer and myself were able to meet in the middle and the result is something I’m proud to toss around the Internet.

Kirk of Itchy Dogs Productions gets credit for giving me a sparkly pink lipped fright and the final product which I love.

I have no doubt he did the pink version first (as a joke) so that anything else he came up with I’d sign off on immediately and not put him through 20 revisions. That’s smart time management if I say so myself.

10 lashes with an 8 weight line to anyone who suggests I should have stuck with the Pink version…fair warning (grin)

Over the summer I put more that 10,000 miles on my vehicle which means I was all over the place in search of good fly fishing and fantastic views of the world I live in.

I visited Canada.

I visited Washington.

I explored Idaho.

I lived in Oregon.

I also stopped off and modeled for a contest Owl Jones had on his blog and word has it, my likeness won the contest so congrats goes out to the Unaccomplished Angler for his wicked sense of humor skills again….

The fish I was holding for the portrait was MUCH BIGGER KIRK

I had the opportunity to put a couple of days on a river with Matt Smythe of FishingPoet and Grant Taylor of Grant Taylor Images. You can read about the trip via Matt’s version here ~ The Idaho Trip: River X and Grants posts Idaho on the FlyThe River of SecretsRiver X the second day. I had a blast!

Matt ~ Rebecca ~ Grant

I also paused during my escapades to do an interview for Chris Hunt of the blog Eat More Brook Trout~ so for the inside info, go read 20 Questions: Rebecca Garlock

When it comes down to it, I’ve just been off doing what I love to do…fly fish. The time in between has been spent on the Outdoor Blogger Network and washing clothes for the next adventure.

I’ll find my blog writing groove soon. The weather turned this week and the slower pace of Fall and Winter is coming…

Photo By Grant Taylor