June 2011

Chinook Festivities have begun…

by Rebecca on June 16, 2011

in Salmon Fishing

Happy Gear Chucker

It’s that time of the year when I put my Fly Rod down and become a gear chucker for a few weeks.

Why would I do such a thing you (fly fisherman) may ask? Well, because it’s Chinook Salmon and a raging river (see photo below) that is not kind to fly rods and barely tolerates gear set ups. Add in the fact that if I tried to hit the bank and swirl a Fly Line around everyone’s head I’d probably get boot kicked in the arse.

So that’s why.

Never fear though, as soon as the salmon hit a different river, a kinder, more gentle river that allows for 10 feet of space between anglers, I’ll be swinging for the big boys with my fly rod. Which should be in about 3 weeks.

Until then, I’m happily playing on the other side of the river. Because it’s SALMON.

This last weekend was fantastic. High river, technical fishing and lots of fun to be had. Once again, (I know I whined about this last year on my blog) noted by the pain below my ribcage, I’m certain I’ve caused myself internal injuries from my bad habit of sticking the end of my rod into my gut to fight the big fish.

Over and over…repeat till I am cringing at the thought of catching another. Then ignore that thought and do it again.

Same Pose ~ Different Year (And look at that raging water I just pulled this salmon out of!)

In fact, looking at the above picture, I don’t think I look like a happy angler. I look more like an angler in anguish, forcing a smile, who just got her butt kicked by fish and river. One who won the battle on a fish in the net technicality, but that’s about it.

Which is why I’m totally going to go back and do it again this weekend.
All those angler technicalities that add up to an overall good time!


For the Outdoor Photo Prompt “Show us the Action” on the Outdoor Blogger Network

Photo Analysis:
Reel Spinning ~ Check
Fingers pulled back out of harms way ~ Check
(yes, I learned that lesson the hard *WHACK* way)
(Ok…a couple of times)
Line into the backing ~ Check
Bonefish On!

Or perhaps another view of that action…..

Photo Credits: Cameron Miller
Action and Fun Factor Credit: Deneki Fly Fishing


Flub #1 ~ I caught this fish when technically I was trying for a different one that I missed.

Flub #2 ~ My pronunciation of Tom Larimers last name.

Flub #3 ~ Try to act all smart and cool-mo-dee when trying to hold a slippery (little suckers) bonefish. As you’ll see in the video, the fish taught me….

(Please excuse the couple of times the wind sounds so loud. If I knew how to edit video, I would, but I don’t. So this is as good as it gets….)

My thanks to Tom Larimer who not only took this video, but spent not one, but two days fishing with me.

Additional Flub Admissions:

Flub#4 ~ I had no idea who Tom was (a fly fishing rockstar) the first day I fished with him which is basically the equivalent of sitting next to Brad Pitt on a 10 hour flight and asking him halfway through the trip….”So, what it is that you do?” (Which again proves how out of the loop I am when it comes to the who’s who of fly fishing)

Flub#5 ~ On the second day I fished with Tom (after someone else had explained to me in great detail who Tom was) he was standing right behind me when I did a rather hard strip set. My fist went flying back and felt like it hit a zone where no female fist should connect with at a high rate of speed. Although I did hook that bonefish and my line was screaming one direction, I turned around and my only concern was, “OH MY GOD, Did I just incapacitate thee Tom Larimer of Fly Fishing for Steelhead??”

The Flub conversation went like this:
Our guide Charlie was yelling and pointing at the fish, “REBECCA! You have FISH ON!”
I was yelling back and pointing at Tom, “I KNOW! But…but…the jewels!”
And Tom was yelling and pointing at the fish, “YOU MISSED ME, get the fish”

I lost the fish.
And was traumatized for a good hour over the incident.

Tom and I

Oh, and I had an incredible, amazing time fishing with Tom. I learned a lot, laughed a lot, caught fish, got casting pointers and can’t wait to Fly Fish with him again.

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