MNRiverdageous Lunkerdooress Scavenger Hunt

by Rebecca on April 21, 2011

in Forward Casting

So this fishing blog of mine is going to expand it’s horizons today and participate in some community fun, scavenger hunt style.

We are mostly fisherman, right? Which means we enjoy a challenge, thrive on the seek and net aspect of life. So this should be right up everyones river, especially since this river has a $50 dollar gift card to Cabela’s at the end of it for one lucky winner. Don’t have a Cabela’s near you? That’s ok, use it online!

Rest assured, there is no bait and switch at the end of this contest. Sadly, no one will be required to send me a box of hand tied flies or anything brilliant like that to score the loot. Nope, just an email with all 5 questions correctly answered will suffice and put you in the official RNG drawing.

So flex your ‘search blog’ muscles, find the answer to my question (much easier to spot than a bonefish) and then off you go to visit the 4 other fantastic Fishing Blogs that are part of this contest. The official rules are below, so once you have torn your eyes away from my sparkle (hypnotize you into needing to win) banner, get to business, find some answers and win some fishing funds!

You’ll need to visit each one of these blogs to find the answer to their individual questions:

Lunker Hunt: - Facebook ~ ”Which species of fish did I catch and then release without submitting for the state record it deserved.”

Journal of a Minnesota Angler: - FacebookTwitter ~”In which of my top adventures of 2010 did I catch my personal best largemouth bass?”

Troutrageous!: - FacebookTwitter ~ ”I hate a specific day of the week. In fact I think it’s the worst day of the week. What day is it?”

The River Damsel: - Facebook ~ ”I took ‘Idaho By Storm’ with Rebecca ‘The Outdooress’ and Cardboard Kirk…What did we have for lunch?”

You are here…at the Outdooress homestead:  - FacebookTwitter ~ ”My first fly rod was a Redington Redstart. What was it’s nickname?”

Official Rules:

  • Send all 5 answers to me, or any of the participating bloggers. See their post of this contest for their contact information.  Click here to view my contact info.
  • You must answer all 5 questions correctly, as determined by each blogger, to qualify for the drawing.
  • You are allowed to send your answers to multiple bloggers, thereby increasing your chances of winning. So if you send your answer to all 5 of us, you get 5 entries.
  • We will put all the correct entries together, sort by date received and pick a winner using OBN’s famous RNG.
  • Contest runs from today (April 21st) to 11:59:59.9 PM CDT, April 30th.
  • Contest winner must be from U.S. or Canada. Gift card will be in U.S. funds.

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