March 2011

Enough said…right?

Deneki Andros South FIBFest is a little slice of heaven.

Please accept my following apology.

I’d write more, but I must go fly fishing right now.



I made it through my first day of Fly Fishing for Bonefish here at the Deneki FIBFest.
(without shark attacks–didn’t get lost in the mangroves)

First Bonefish ~ Ever

I caught a Bonefish on my very first cast…ROCKSTAR status…
(or so I thought for a Milli-Second until the humility smack down began)

But then…the Trout Fisherman in me reared it’s ugly habits and the rest of the day put my fisherman patience to the test.

I’ll give myself a C-

I had an absolute blast earning that C- and can’t wait  to try for a B tomorrow….




First order of business ~ The Winner of my 100th Post Thank You Gift has been chosen by the Mighty RNG. Comment #35 turned out to be Shoreman (Mark) of the always interesting blog Northern California Trout.

I already gave Mark the good news and he has gone off to A Year On the Fly and picked the Brookie, Bow, And Brown print for his very own!

Thank you everyone who left comments, words of encouragement and congrats on that post. I can’t tell you how much the support you all have shown me means to me, but it’s a lotta appreciation and gratitude.

Feel free to visit me here, evenings, any time next week!

I’m getting on a plane in a few hours.

For someone like me who can barely stand to sit still for more than 20 minutes, the next 24 hours of air travel, plane changes and layovers,  is going to feel like peeling off fingernails, one by one, with a pair of forceps. Torture.

However, I’m willing to take one for the team and suck it up if it means fly fishing for a week where there is no SNOW. (No sympathy need, really…)

I WILL be posting almost, if not daily, about my adventures at the Deneki lodge in Andros South. In other words, I’m outta here…but not out for the count. Be back soon, without fingernails, but a happy little fly fisher-gal.



Ok, ready now. Deneki FIBFest, Here I Come!

This week I had an impromptu, pretend I was fly fishing on saltwater class, from a legit—knows what he’s doing and how to teach it, casting instructor— Michael Bantam of DreamcastIdaho.

Basically, I tried to pretend the weather was 80 degrees, the water was blazing blue and there wasn’t goose crap all over my casting platform at the local murk pond. This is how it went…

~ Getting the mechanics down ~

I’m not going to admit how many times it was said, “Hey, thats great for Trout fishin….” so I feel like I’m good in the trout bum department. Saltwater? The jury is still out..

I will remember...I will railroad tracks! I promise Michael

Nor will I recant the amount of times I whip-cracked Michael upside the back of his head with my fly line to which he would say, “Owww, Ya Got me mon!” rubbing his ear with a big old grin on his face. (Visions of piercing my guides ear danced through my mind)

I kept repeating in my mind...Bonefish on the Brain (ode to Bjorn)

And in the end….I promised Michael I would keep practicing and hopefully it all comes together on Andros South Island—minus the “Owww, Ya Got Me Mon!”

Lets do this....Saltwater Fly Fishing

Thank you Michael for your instruction, advice and patience. First thing I’m packing to the Bahamas is all your wisdom and words of encouragement.

I promise (to try) not to trout set…

P.S. If you live in Idaho and need any type of Fly Fishing Casting Class,
Michael Bantam of DreamCastIdaho is your Ya MON!


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