October 2010

I went all the way to Montana to be Nice…

by Rebecca on October 26, 2010

in Fly Fishing

~Say Hello To My Little Lips Friend~

…To Whitefish

Last year, on December 30th I made my one and only New Years Resolution for the year 2010. It was a risky pledge, one I thought might tumble into disgrace at one point or another, so for public accountability, I wrote my resolution…here~~> I Resolve, To be Nicer to Whitefish in 2010 or, for the quick refresher I wrote the following:

I, Rebecca Anne, lady who wields a fly rod, hereby swears not to cuss, kick water, roll my eyes, yank in or otherwise throw an un-lady-like fit when she discovers a whitefish has ruthlessly grabbed one of her flies in the year 2010.

And then, remarkably, I didn’t catch a single whitefish all spring…all summer…when usually the little buggers torment all my fly fishing trips. The absence of whitefish became a great mystery to me, almost like reverse karma. The more I got angry with them last year, the more they enjoyed toying with me. This year I pledged to be nice and suddenly I was off the catch rotation. I got lulled into a false sense of fly fishing security…I forgot about Whitefish. Completely.

And then I drove to Montana last Wednesday. And Thursday morning I hit the Madison River. When I felt the first tug of a fish on my line, a smile as wide a Montana broke out on my face and a minute later my smile turned into a grimace when I hauled in a Whitefish.

They found me! There was no escaping them on this trip and I hereby swear, I was nice to them. I even took a picture, so that’s a first and should count for bonus nice points.

So, basically, I drove 500 miles to catch Whitefish……..oh, ‘scuse me, Mountain Bonefish.
(ok, I caught other fish, but I’ll write about them later. Whitefish handling deserved it’s own entry)



Outdoor Blogger Network

It could be considered shameful that 3 days after the official launch of the Outdoor Blogger Network one of the co-founders is finally making an announcement about the project on her own blog, but seriously, I have a totally legit excuse. Hear me out….

I was planning on writing this post on Mondays big day and publishing it exactly one minute after I published the “Launched!” post on the OBN.

However, word was getting out before I published that “Launched!” post and there was work to be done. Next thing I know, I’m hitting that “Launched!” button and…. A fantastic, overwhelming, awesome, oh shit I’m behind already, woohoo, email crushing Outdoor Blogger stampede occurred.

It’s been truly amazing. The Bloggers. The support. The emails. The blog posts being written about the Outdoor Blogger Network. The positive feedback. Everything.

An effort worth not fishing the last 10 days of my life. That would be TEN WHOLE days without Fly Fishing for me. There’s only been a few dire moments that I thought to myself, “Chicken Little was just a misunderstood soul. Clearly he hadn’t been Fly Fishing in awhile and that’s why he kept thinking the sky is falling.” I only had those sorts of thoughts when I was website programming. Temporary html insanity.

If by chance you haven’t heard about the Outdoor Blogger Network and you’re wondering what in the world I am talking about (and please remember, 10 days, no fishing, I’m not thinking coherently anymore) here’s the low down.

And now…with a click of this publish button, I’m going Fly Fishing.


Tricky Tricky

by Rebecca on October 6, 2010

in Outdoor Photo Journal

Oh the fun you can have on the Internet.

I’ve spruced up the ‘About Rebecca’ page with a visual explanation of that Outdooress chick. Since my blog entry count has been sparse lately, I thought I’d share it out here as well, front and center. (I’ll take any bonus points I can get)

If you get a chance, head over to Animoto and do a little photo mixing yourself.
I promise…it’s less painful than a Zebra Midge through the lip ~


Dropping The (Fish) Ball

by Rebecca on October 6, 2010

in Fly Fishing

~Ya...this Brown smacked me around a bit...hence the fish drop~

A common problem in life:  Sometimes we focus in on one thing and something else suffers in the process. Conventional wisdom would define this as “Dropping the Ball” and lately, I seem to be dropping my blogging ball. It comes down to a simple math equation revolving around the hours in a week. Work (blah) + Fishing = not a whole lot of time left over for anything else.

Fish of course, are the real problem here. I like to hang out with them which dictates frequent excursions away from home and computer. I believe the fish warrant a little blame. They are out there (like right NOW)…in the river…just waiting for me to come visit them. Such little and big teases they are.

Not to mention. It’s a Fall Fly Fishing Fiesta out there right now and who wouldn’t want to join that party till the lights go out? Fall Fishing will be over in a blink of an eye and I don’t want to start winter thinking, damn, if only I had fished more in the Fall. I haven’t had anyone confirm my logic, but I’m certain my reasoning falls under the “Life is too Short” guidelines.

Plus, my waders have sprung a serious leak and although it won’t stop me from fishing in the winter, I’d like to enjoy as much non-frozen toes wading as I can now. (bonus reasoning!)

Does anyone know what the job description of a Trout Bum entails?
I might want to be one when I grown up.