Found! Thy Waders Hath Returned…

by Rebecca on June 22, 2010

in Outdoor Observations

~Short Version of Lost~

When I wrote my first Lost Ad for the local Newspaper about my wayward waders, it went something like this:

LOST in the Great Outdoors and I’m still crying like a baby. Please help me find my sweet Blue and Gray Backpack that is cradling inside a precious pair of new Patagonia waders that I saved 5 years worth of pennies I found in grocery store parking lots to purchase. Only worn once, but I assure you –we bonded — Backpack is probably laying on the side of the highway between Loman, Idaho City and Kuna where we dropped off a friend. Backpack and waders are probably scared, lonely, possibly injured and wondering where in the hell I am. Please help! Sincerely and desperately, Rebecca Anne 208-***-****

However, when I clicked pay, the total amount for the ad cost more than the waders, so I modified it down to what you see in the picture above. The 4 line economy version. Then I waited. And I prayed to the Fly Fishing Gods. I might of pledged a few things to the underworld (like my soul) for a safe return, but by this last weekend I started to give up hope. That is until late Sunday afternoon when I came off the river from Salmon fishing and saw a missed unknown number on my phone. Insta-Hope as I called my voicemail.

My backpack and waders were found by a man with a heart of gold. You should all know that Kenny rocks and I’m not talking about the one who has the “G” in his name. I wanted to ditch Salmon fishing instantly to go retrieve my goods, but sadly my fishing party didn’t feel the same motivation I did and I had to wait until I got home late Monday night to make a mad dash to Kenny’s house. I tell ya, the reunion was euphoria and elation, a truly emotional moment — on my part that is—Kenny might have thought I was a bit nutso, but I didn’t care. I hugged my backpack that’s sporting a new badge of courage, black tire tracks. The waders inside looked perfect, not even a broken buckle and I have to mention, they were so happy to see me. Thank you Kenny!!!

You all may not of noticed. But the world is now spinning on its axis correctly once again. Carry on……

Now, BigerrFish asked in his comment on my –Kill me now, I lost my waders entry
What have you all………. Found? is the glass half empty or full……”

Now that my mind is no longer an empty water glass, I can answer that question. Beyond a 20 dollar bill I found once, my ‘found’ stories are a flatline. Nothing cool enough to even mention. Maybe it’s me, but it seems I’m destined to always find 1 single shoe on the side of the river. A shoe, just one.

So now that I’ve gone from misery to FOUND status, I can hear the found stories without a sniffle. Surely others out there can do better than a 20 dollar bill or a single shoe? What have you come across out there in the great outdoors? Did you find it’s owner or end up keeping it?

Rebecca aka, Official Water Swatter with proper waders again!!!


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ColoradoAnglerNo Gravatar June 22, 2010 at 11:00 am

Congratulations on a wonderful reunion! And don’t feel bad for pledging part of your soul to the Powers of the Underworld – I’ve done it so many times I’m using IOUs at this point.


ShoremanNo Gravatar June 22, 2010 at 11:38 am

I guess that all the fingers that were crossed out in blogworld, helped. As to found, camping on the North Fork of the American River one August, found a wallet with $120.00 in it. Also found the owner of the wallet as we were driving out. The pay stub in the wallet matched the name on the truck and the rest is history. He had lost it the previous May and the $120.00 was his weekly pay. He thought it gone forever.



WolfyNo Gravatar June 22, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Hmmm – still waiting for the return of my net I lost in Utah 13 years ago. Pretty sure that one’s gone forever.

My best find – about 9 years ago at O’Hare Int’l Airport I found a WAD of cash / credit cards held together with a large paper clip. It included a drivers license. Found a cop, turned it in, told them I was waiting there to see if someone showed up to claim it. I heard the announcement over the loudspeakers and a guy showed up looking white as a ghost to claim it.

The wad of cash WAS NOT one’s, either!


Kentucky JimNo Gravatar June 22, 2010 at 1:39 pm

Glad to hear you got your waders (and backpack) back, Rebecca.


GregNo Gravatar June 22, 2010 at 2:28 pm

I’m so glad someone returned your gear. A thousand blessings upon the house of Kenny! Thanks for the cautionary tale — I’m devoting some time this evening to putting my name and mobile # inside all my gear with a Sharpie.

You know what would REALLY suck, though? Having your gear stolen on a trip, and then, because the thief found your name in your gear and knew you were on a fishing trip, you came home to find your house had been broken into. That’s why I use a business card on my luggage tags and why I’m going to use my mobile number — the average person shouldn’t be able to track that back to my empty house. Y’all should be careful about that.


DaveNo Gravatar June 22, 2010 at 5:10 pm

So happy to hear of the pleasant reunion Rebecca. Your grief was evident as you told me the story on Sunday but there are still good people in this world, and I had confidence in a happy ending. A few weeks ago on a bicycle ride I found a wallet containing a drivers license but no cash. Looking around I noticed a bill a few yards away. A quick search turned up $80 cash – a fifty, a twenty and two fives in the bushes nearby. The owner was unlisted, but the person whose name and number he’d written on a bar napkin knew how to find him. He identified the denomination of the bills in the bush and the 22-year old groundskeeper was soon reunited with his wages. On a separate note, I was wondering if there’s a chance I could get you to e-mail me the pic’s you took of Lucas and his fish on Sunday? I posted those that Rusty took on facebook. Thanks!


RebeccaNo Gravatar June 22, 2010 at 7:49 pm

@ColoradoAngler ~ LOL, I hear you on the IOU’s. I wonder, what truly happens when the powers that be come to collect on those? We could be in serious trouble…

@Shoreman ~ That’s so cool that you found the wallet and took the time to find the owner. I imagine you made his day…month probably. I admire you!

@Wolfy ~ I will send all my positive ‘find’ vibes your direction for your net. You just never, ever know…….and I admire you for taking the time to help locate the owner of that wad of money. I can only imagine how sick he must have felt! (and the white of his face)

@Kentucky Jim ~ Thank You! It was a good day =)

@Greg ~ I’m having fun with a sharpie myself! It’s like going to kindergarten all over again, labeling all my stuff. I’ve properly learned my lesson! Good thoughts about the information we do write down. Those who are thieves deserve a special brand of justice in my ever so humble opinion!

@Dave ~ Another man who has a heart of gold……I’ll be writing about YOU tomorrow! If I ever have any doubts about the goodness of people in this world, I already know, I only have to think of you for a healthy reminder. In the grand scheme of things, my waders were nothing compared to the help you extended Saturday night. I’m happy you were able to find the owner of the wallet as well! You are good people Dave….really good people. I’ll email you the couple of pictures I took tonight!


KirkNo Gravatar June 22, 2010 at 11:45 pm

Good karma, Rebecca. That’s what it was that made your backpack and waders find their way home. I lost my swimming trunks at YMCA camp when I was little and had to swim in my jeans for a day before my brother found my trunks lying by the side of the trail where I’d dropped them. Beyond that, I’ve never had anything I’ve lost returned to me. What haunts me the most is that I lost the first fly rod I ever owned. Got it when I was about 11 or 12, and then left it behind at a campsite while on a family camping trip on Lake Roosevelt about 7 years ago. I had that rod for almost 30 years. It was a fiberglass Eddie Bauer 7’6″ pack rod (yes, they used to actually make fishing rods and outdoor gear) rod in an aluminum case. My mom had used her Dremel tool to engrave my name on the lid, so if you found it, I’d like it back- no questions asked.


John SoaresNo Gravatar June 23, 2010 at 8:38 am

Rebecca, I’m so glad you found your pack and waders. Maybe there is some order in the universe after all.


BigerrfishNo Gravatar June 23, 2010 at 4:17 pm

Sounds like between the readers of your blog- findings are more popular than even I thought.
I have never found more than a pair of forcepts and a net. I dont recall loosing anything more than a fish, and a pair of sunglasses. I have never stolen a thing, done one crap load of work for free. help anyone anytime
Rebecca- the reasion for ever leaving a comment like that was to bring on/attract the mind set that, found your backpack- I just wanted to “stick” a few readers who were consumed by the loss of some material items, after reading that they and even your mind went to a whole different place. almost on it’s own.. The moral of it I guess is… You found something now!!! Maybe a new answer to my question is due… and my goal is accomplished, getting you to stop dwelling on what was lost and think “Found” Happy for ya what about your rod? did it survive?


RebeccaNo Gravatar June 23, 2010 at 6:28 pm

@Kirk ~ My fishing good karma is on a roll these days! Ouch about the rod. I’d be sick about losing a rod I had for so long. I tend to go all sentimental about such things. I shall keep my eye out for it and maybe, just maybe the right person will read this someday and you’ll finally claim “found” status….

@John ~ Maybe! Things are sure looking good from my vantage point right now =)

@Bigerrfish ~ I did start thinking on the ‘found’ level once I read your comment. I admit I probably got irrationally sick about my lost waders, and worried about replacing and so on……You know what else I started doing, I started paying better attention to my surroundings. As I was driving, I was watching the side of the road. I was thinking, I lost my stuff on the side of the road, maybe I can help spot someone elses lost stuff and get it back to them. I’m 100% certain I’ll be carrying that mindset for life now. Maybe someday I’ll find something besides a shoe and give someone a happy reunion like Kenny gave me. (All my stuff was in nearly perfect condition! I got lucky. Really lucky)


ken morrowNo Gravatar June 26, 2010 at 8:41 pm

Gee, what some guys will do to get a date!


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