In Times of Fishing Need

by Rebecca on May 6, 2010

in Sturgeon Fishing

~A Helping Hand Sturgeon Fishing Last Summer~

This may come as a real surprise to all you, but I can be a stubborn little cuss when I’m engaged in Outdoor activities. I know, I know, thats hard to believe, but it’s true. Maybe it’s pride or maybe it’s a good old fashion Outdoor upbringing (as in, don’t be a pain in the ass) or maybe I’m just rough around the edges, but I like to hold my own out there. Period.

Which makes Sturgeon fishing a real hate/love/hate scenario for me. On one side of the experience, it’s exhilarating to hook into a fish that’s older than me, taller than me, and weighs more than I do. However, it’s the only fish I’ve ever hooked into that has the ability to make me want to cry Uncle! I give up!  Not that I would ever give up, hell no.  Stubborn totally supercedes pain and suffering. I’d rather let the fish rip my arms out of the socket and sacrifice them to the bottom feeders before I handed off the rod to another person.

But ~ The last time I went Sturgeon fishing I did discover I’m not opposed to someone reaching out (during a time of dire fishing need and snapping tendons) and with one hand hold the upper rod for a minute, or two, to give my weary arms a much needed break. That minor break in the order of all things stubborn annoys me, but as I head into a weekend with Sturgeon on the menu I think I’ll accept another helping hand if the mood strikes. I haven’t clarified the rules with anyone, but I don’t think that sort of help would negate my official Sturgeon catch.

A Score To Settle

The last sturgeon I suffered through and landed, thrashed me on the riverbank (mid-photo op) so I enter this weekend with a renewed stubborn mindset and a score to settle. If I never come back here and write another blog entry you all know why.

I ended up armless…..can’t type anymore.


p.s. thank you everyone for the Bass advice here and on Facebook! I’ve made a list, took out a bank loan to buy it all and will do my best to make you all proud. See, I’m not always stubborn. I asked for help here ~ See ya next week…..


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Kentucky JimNo Gravatar May 6, 2010 at 2:11 pm

Hey! I really like the new format! Looks like the sturgeon almost got the best of you. Gotta read the smallmouth article, but this is my only chance to get a first reply.


ClifNo Gravatar May 6, 2010 at 5:56 pm

I would like to go on record saying that man has the sweetest mustache ever. My god, what a masterpiece!


BigerrfishNo Gravatar May 7, 2010 at 4:23 am

Well done on the sturgeon!!! sorry didnt comment on your bass post,,, with bass, they are stronger than trout are pound for pound so, remember, short leader, strong tippet, and land em fast!! No mercy.. keep em on the reel, head up and get it over with.


RobNo Gravatar May 10, 2010 at 5:33 pm


The “idea” of catching a huge behemoth is attractive to everyone….but it’s only cool for about the first 10 minutes. The biggest amberjack (AJ) that I’ve ever caught was only about 40 lbs, but bringing it up from 200 feet on spinning gear is quite a work out. It was on one of those 3 day/ 2 night fishing trips on a party boat. Trust me, I was ready for a nap by the time I wrestled that thing in and couldn’t even THINK about another fish for a few hours.

Have fun and knock ‘em dead. I want a photo of those “guns” when you get back…LOL!



kirkNo Gravatar May 10, 2010 at 9:28 pm

I’ve only gone sturgeon fishing twice, but the first time I tied into a fish that about made me want to cry uncle as you suggested. But I couldn’t let my buddies see me cry, so I dug deep and found some resolve, miraculously. It was fun though, testing myself against a beast, as you noted, older, longer and way heavier than me. Definitely a different mindset than fighting a trout on a 4 wt rod. Maybe that’s why I like fly fishing for small fish- I never feel my manhood is threatened. ; )


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