Forward Casting: Bite Worthy Words 2

by Rebecca on January 26, 2010

in Forward Casting

As I drift down the Internet River I frequently come across articles written in other blogs/websites that catch my eye, delight my reading senses or merit a second cast. My Mother always taught me to share in good things, so this is my way of being unselfish and sharing the great discoveries I come across. I hope others enjoy these as much as I have ~

Beginnings: Kentucky Jim’s: Fishing in the Gene Pool ~ A beautiful and well written piece on the history and art of fishing through the ages. In the present day world of grip and grins, it’s good to go back to our beginnings and remind ourselves of the many pleasures and gifts a life spent casting a line can offer.

New Fly Fishing Blog: A brand spanking new fly fishing blog, The Fly Fishing Monster, by Nerveracker. Now, I hope the advent of his new fly fishing blog doesn’t decrease the length of his comments around these parts. I’ve come to enjoy Daves stories and observations via the comment setting, it’s like reading a blog entry within a blog entry (which makes him a writer sort, we are never brief). It was only a matter of time before he settled into his own corner. He has wit, humor and a fresh outlook from the eyes of someone considered a ‘newbie’ to fly fishing. Give him a visit ~

Fly Fishing Directory: Have a lot of free time in your day? Is cabin fever getting the best of you? Than what you need is more online sites to visit! Take a peek at Deneki’s Ultimate Fly Fishing Directory. It’s like a smorgasbord of fish pellets for the person who can’t get enough. Have a fly fishing blog as well? Leave a comment and get yourself added. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the site because it’s guaranteed to make you want to quit your job, grab your fly rod and travel….asap.

The Hatchery Truck: I’ve just discovered this blog, but found myself reading quite a few entries (always a good sign!) When I stumbled across this entry I had to 1) Laugh 2) ponder what I would do in that situation & 3) agree at the very end, that sometimes, we all just want to catch a fish. Go check out Fat Guy Fly Fishing and the entry, When the Hatchery Man Cometh.  What would you do???

Seduction of Flies: I’ve heard the expression Fish Porn before, and maybe Fly Porn is already out there as well, but if I could pick one website that represents what I would consider ‘Fly Porn’ it would be SwittersB & Fly Fishing. Several times per day new entries are put up that usually depict a fly in various states of dressing. It’s the flashings, and beads, and hackle and feathers and hooks…oh my…The big bold centerfold Fly pictures are enough to get my heart beating faster and I can’t help but think if fish could peruse a website they would be addicted to SwittersB…(Like I am)



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Kentucky JimNo Gravatar January 26, 2010 at 11:35 am

Gee, thanks, Rebecca. :-0)


NerverackerNo Gravatar January 26, 2010 at 12:51 pm

Wow, thanks for the plug! I never figured I’d enjoy writing a blog or never realized I even had a knack at story telling. Mrs. Monster is always telling me to get on with it and get the story over with. I’m glad you find my crude style of writing pleasurable to endure! I try to post something new every day. Every Friday I’ll give the weekend fishing outlook. On Mondays, I give my weekend report. Thanks for stopping by, and for the push to start the blog.



shannonNo Gravatar January 26, 2010 at 10:17 pm

I DO dig the Fat Guys! Just tying to avoid getting that way …


Terry BattistiNo Gravatar March 4, 2010 at 2:07 pm

Hey Rebecca,

Here’s another blog you need to read. It’s one of my best friend’s bit of work. It’s that “other” type of fishing but it might give you a chuckle from time to time.

Here’s the link:

I hope all is going well in Boise. BTW, my upstairs neighbor has been cleaning house (or river) on the river the last couple weeks. :-)



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