Outdoor Adventures: Living The Dream

by Rebecca on November 30, 2009

in Outdoor Observations

I’ve been known to load up an SUV with bare essentials and fly solo for days on end (sometimes a week or more) adrift and 100% alone. I’ll grab fly fishing paraphernalia, a sleeping bag, a pillow, a few items of clothing, a single cooler for my diet coke addiction and food items if there’s any room left (priorities ya know). Ok, and I should mention because it’s my Fathers one essential requirement I take when I go on my trips, I also bring a gun. The big bad world has been warned~

Those stolen, or perhaps they are taken, times in my life are perfect for solitary decompression and quiet thought. My trips usually require a lot of drive time because busting out on my own and going 2 hours away from the house would seem……insignificant. I need distance and anything less than a 4 hour drive just doesn’t do it, not to forget here, fishing is always better the farther away one gets, cardinal rule.

Karl "Trout Whisperer" Seckinger

Karl "Trout Whisperer" Seckinger

I don’t mind the drive time. I usually listen to a book on tape, or crank up some good music, roll down my window and let life as I’m required to live it, far behind. I highly recommend such individual adventures. Time alone, and I mean, really alone….is good for the outdoor soul.

Today I find myself excited to put one more CD in my arsenal of drive time companionship. Recently I got the audio CD ”Outdoor Adventures” by Karl “Trout Whisperers” Seckinger.

Listening to this CD is like pulling up a lawn chair next to a campfire, kicking back and listening to a master storyteller mesmerize you with adventures from his life.

Karl’s adventures center around his time in the Superior National Forest. His stories have you fishing, hiking, hunting right along side him and his occasional companions. It’s definitely something I could listen to over and over……Check out this link for more information and an audio sample of what I’m writing about today…….Trout Whisperer CD “Outdoor Adventures” It’s the perfect mood setter when you’re driving to those far off destinations, or even when you’re stuck like a prisoner in your own home and need a mental escape ~

And on that note….I hope everyone takes time to venture out and find outdoor adventure on their own, alone and without influence of others . The gun is optional of course, except for me……



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Dave L.No Gravatar November 30, 2009 at 10:08 pm

I like to take trips by myself to. I’ve gone for days without talking to anyone but myself. I like your dads idea though, I’d insist with my own daughter if she was going off into the woods like you do!
I’ll check out the CD. I do love a good campfire story.


kirkNo Gravatar December 1, 2009 at 12:54 am

I love alone time almost to a fault. I could easily become recluse. My wife tells me I’m becoming antisocial as I get older, which is not true. I still enjoy the occasional company of other humans. Just less often ; )


trout whispererNo Gravatar December 1, 2009 at 6:16 am

Rebecca, i think the outdooress…..is a very old soul…rapture’d in a sprite’s existence………that was most kind of you……..tw


Kentucky JimNo Gravatar December 1, 2009 at 5:04 pm

I think you may have talked me into my long postponed trip to Northern California. I dunno…I’ll see. No money, and no time like the present to do it.


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