November 2009

~So This Visual is probably Overkill, but, I WON~

~So This Visual is probably Overkill, but, I WON~

I’ll try not to go overboard here, but I’ve got to shout from some sort of rooftop and the level of excitement I’ve already displayed around my own home has alarmed the family and now I’m cautiously peeking out my front window for a van with guys in white coats coming to contain me. (family, sometimes you just can’t trust ‘em with over exuberance)

Anyway, my point, and I’ve got one to make is—-

That’s right, touch down dance! I never, ever win anything so I’ve decided the world should know a true miracle went down some time over the weekend while I was away from the computer. A moment like this probably constitutes a parade or something of equal value to signify the importance. Ok, no parade, but how about a national holiday? A pre-determined moment of worldwide clapping? No? Ok, fine, I’ll just go fishing with my new goodies.

No hard feelings out there ye non-winning souls, k. There’s still plenty of days in December and I have no doubt a Christmas miracle shall come across your path as well. In fact, Wolfy is having MORE giveaways and now that you have proof the miracle system works (i.e. ME) you should run right over to his blog and comment for the Bass Fishing Giveaway. Going on now……….

Link to ~~> Bass Fishing Giveaway at Flowing Waters <~~~Giveaway ends Saturday December 5th. Get on over there, visit, pull up a lawn chair and remember to channel your luck, your hope and a touch of miracle and you too might be a winner, winner…….

Rebecca aka Mizz Excited


Outdoor Adventures: Living The Dream

by Rebecca on November 30, 2009

in Outdoor Observations

I’ve been known to load up an SUV with bare essentials and fly solo for days on end (sometimes a week or more) adrift and 100% alone. I’ll grab fly fishing paraphernalia, a sleeping bag, a pillow, a few items of clothing, a single cooler for my diet coke addiction and food items if there’s any room left (priorities ya know). Ok, and I should mention because it’s my Fathers one essential requirement I take when I go on my trips, I also bring a gun. The big bad world has been warned~

Those stolen, or perhaps they are taken, times in my life are perfect for solitary decompression and quiet thought. My trips usually require a lot of drive time because busting out on my own and going 2 hours away from the house would seem……insignificant. I need distance and anything less than a 4 hour drive just doesn’t do it, not to forget here, fishing is always better the farther away one gets, cardinal rule.

Karl "Trout Whisperer" Seckinger

Karl "Trout Whisperer" Seckinger

I don’t mind the drive time. I usually listen to a book on tape, or crank up some good music, roll down my window and let life as I’m required to live it, far behind. I highly recommend such individual adventures. Time alone, and I mean, really alone….is good for the outdoor soul.

Today I find myself excited to put one more CD in my arsenal of drive time companionship. Recently I got the audio CD ”Outdoor Adventures” by Karl “Trout Whisperers” Seckinger.

Listening to this CD is like pulling up a lawn chair next to a campfire, kicking back and listening to a master storyteller mesmerize you with adventures from his life.

Karl’s adventures center around his time in the Superior National Forest. His stories have you fishing, hiking, hunting right along side him and his occasional companions. It’s definitely something I could listen to over and over……Check out this link for more information and an audio sample of what I’m writing about today…….Trout Whisperer CD “Outdoor Adventures” It’s the perfect mood setter when you’re driving to those far off destinations, or even when you’re stuck like a prisoner in your own home and need a mental escape ~

And on that note….I hope everyone takes time to venture out and find outdoor adventure on their own, alone and without influence of others . The gun is optional of course, except for me……



Fly Fishing Giveaway: Go Forth and Prosper

by Rebecca on November 24, 2009

in Fly Fishing

~A Bounty of Fly Fishing Goodies~

~A Bounty of Fly Fishing Goodies~

Technically, I shouldn’t say a word about this.

It’s like discovering a stretch of river that’s holding hundreds of 20 plus inch browns and then telling everyone about it before you’ve caught a single one.

However, I’m feeling generous and full of sharing today.

I am a regular 
Patron Saint of Fly Fishing Generosity.

So here’s the deal. Head over to Wolfys Flowing Waters website, cast him a comment and you’re in on the contest to win the bounty of goodies shown in the picture. While you’re there, meander around, he’s got a great blog and he’s set to host even more giveways…….(I’m baiting you aren’t I?)

The thing is, I think it would be great if you participated, but only kinda great if you actually won. If you won, that means I lost and that would be a bummer. No worries though, if you win, I promise to pretend happiness and joy for you.  

Contest Ends this coming Saturday, November 28th, so get on it. Again, here’s the link to the fishing honey hole and true Patron Saint of Fly Fishing Generosity: Wolfys Fly Fishing Giveaway and with all the sincerity I muster—-Good Luck!


~Gather 'Round~

~Gather 'Round~

A few nights ago, my parents and I were discussing some of the tragic and hilarious outdoor trips we’ve taken with “risks’ in the past. A ‘risk’ is defined by someone you’ve never camped, fished, hiked, hunted or broke bread in the dirt with in. So basically, everyone reading this would be considered a ‘risk’ just as I would be a ‘risk’ (safe of course) if you invited me along for one of your trips. It’s all about the unknown factor.

On the whole, ’risks’ are freakin scary (insert proper horror movie music here) to invite and bring along for the first outdoor trip. ~You just don’t know~ In my experience, the person that seems like the most sane and level headed human inside a city house can morph into a frothing lunatic under the influence of outdoor air and campfire smoke. I have witnessed and survived such mystical transformations.

I’ll probably even tell some of those stories here on Zee Outdooress. But not today, today I wanted to focus on a thought process I started while talking to my parents. What if there was a general disclosure form one could present to potential risks before you purchased propane or hot dogs? Something you could say, “hey before we head to the great blue sky, I’d like you to answer this quick little questionnaire” ~  (it may be advisable to hook them up to a lie detector while they answer) For Example:

True or False~

  • I only camp where they have running toilets, outhouses are unsanitary and bushes for the uncivilized.
  • I am allergic to one or more of the following—campfire smoke, bugs, rain, pitch darkness, wood gathering, tent erecting, camp set up or dismantling, doing dishes, or direct sunlight.
  • I can not camp in a spot that might harbor the occasional wild animal
  • I think fishing should only be from the safety of a dock with rails
  • A campfire should have a safety grate on top of it
  • I adhere to the old ways when you didn’t need a fishing or hunting license to take fish or game.
  • A hike in the woods can only be attempted with a GPS unit, bear spray and a satellite phone
  • I only Fly Fish with paid guides
  • If it’s not a Government campground, a KOA or run by the electric company and have hook up’s and a concrete pad—it’s not a “real” campground.
  • Does this statement apply to you, “When I was growing up, my family and I went camping all the time, at Grandmas cabin.”
  • If you are of the female persuasion ~ Do you feel it necessary to put makeup on and wash your hair every morning you are camping, even if it’s just a weekend trip?
  • I have found myself in need of search and rescue one or more times in my life.
  • I believe bringing two cans of Chili and a package of hotdogs is plenty of food for 3 days.
  • Temperatures dipping below 60 degrees, day or night, will result in a hypothermia induced coma.
  • If the road isn’t paved the entire way, from home doorstep to concrete camping pad, I consider the journey impassable and a risk to life itself.

**if you have answered true to one or more of the above, we will need to postpone our trip pending further outdoor psychological evaluation**


This of course, is just a start. I’m sure there are plenty more scenarios that could be placed on the disclosure questionnaire. I’m always open to suggestions, adjustments and amendments ~




Forward Casting: Bite Worthy Words 1

November 19, 2009

As I drift down the Internet River I frequently come across articles written in other blogs/websites that catch my eye, delight my reading senses or merit a second cast. My Mother always taught me to share in good things, so this is my way of being unselfish and sharing the great discoveries I come across. I hope [...]

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My Fly Fishing Mentor: Casting an Idea

November 18, 2009

One of my favorite things to ask people I come across that either fish or fly fish is who was the person in their life that planted the idea or introduced them into the world of Fish. As I wrote recently, My Dad was my first Mentor in Fishing. Before fly fishing, I was a spinning reel girl, limited to [...]

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Guest Post: Salmon Fishing Showdown

November 16, 2009

~”Salmon Fishing Showdown” is written by my 14 year old daughter Kaitlyn. Enjoy!~ This was my first time salmon fishing. Robert and my Mom, Rebecca, kept chuckling when they looked at me, for I hadn’t stopped grinning since the moment they told me we were going salmon fishing. I was imagining a leisurely fishing trip with [...]

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Murder of a Fly Rod: Till Death Did Us Part

November 13, 2009

My first Fly Rod was a Redington Redstart. I purchased it when I was in my twenties and at the time I was about as broke as a twenty year old could be. I knew I wanted to fly fish, I knew I didn’t want to buy my fly rod from K-mart and my soon to be full time Fly [...]

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Olive, The Little Woolly Bugger

November 12, 2009

Recently I was able to help Author and Fly Fisherman, Kirk Werner of the Unaccomplished Angler do some technical adjustments on his blog. I’m sure I impressed him with my coding and teaching skills and in turn he made me proud by not turning his blog into an error-404 disaster zone. Once we achieved virtual success, Kirk emailed me one last time and it [...]

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Warnings and Other Reasonable Guidelines

November 11, 2009

Recently I read a great article by the Trout Whisperer and his words reminded me of a hobby I recently adopted. Basically, I kept running into signs in the Great Outdoors that made me stop and wonder, “For Real? Seriously? No they didn’t, oh yes they did!” So I did what any amused soul should do, I started taking pictures, proof style, so I could later [...]

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