Outdoor Journal: An Introduction

by Rebecca on October 22, 2009

in Rebecca's Field Journal

~Rebecca's Outdoor Journal~

~Rebecca's Outdoor Journal~

The official Explanation ~

On August 15th 2007, I started a handwritten field journal of my hunting and fishing experiences. That day happened to be the opening day of Antelope season and I have packed my little brown leather journal with me on every trip since.

I’ve shared my handwritten field journal with several people and each of them has expressed I should share it with a wider audience.

I think the reason they enjoyed it so much was because my field journal IS NOT just full of successful trophy kills and record shattering fish (but those moments are in there as well), but it’s an authentic daily account of what hunters and fisherman really go through outdoors. A lot of things go on between showing up, and taking the proud picture of your tagged elk or fish.

Truth is, there’s a whole lotta  good, bad, ugly and sometimes absolutely hilarious events surrounding outdoor adventures.

In my field journal, I’ve spared no details because at the end of the day, all the little details are what add up to the big moment (and sometimes, no triumphant moment at all) and I’ll be sharing those entries here at The Outdooress.

For the moment I’ll grab a few random tidbits from my journal to illustrate whats to come via this new Outdoor feature~

Mini-excerpts from my journal:

…….”I packed for hunting 2 days ago even though I know we aren’t leaving for another 5 days. I don’t care. I am like a child who stares at a Christmas tree, obsessively, 5 days before the 25th anticipating all the presents below it”………

…….”three times I braved extremely slow turns of my head to look at Robert behind us. These were not pleasant glances at him. At one look, and let me see if I can describe this correctly…Robert made a finger slashing motion across his throat that implied our impending deaths”………

…..”dirt is my new best friend and trees the enemy. If I am to hunt out of a tree stand in the future, Robert will need to build me a four star tree house complete with shutters and a wrap around deck”………….

…….”I gritted my teeth, said a prayer for my raw feet, never spoke a word and hiked out. Truth is, if I were a horse they could have shot me on the side of the mountain and claimed mercy kill. Totally within legal limits”……..

……”When I returned, Robert guiltily approached me holding several pieces of my precious flyrod in his now murderous hands. I didn’t beat him within an inch of his life with the pieces,  but I wanted to”….. 

…..”Dale said it was an “emergency guy sacrifice”. I imagine the next male hunter to come along that ridge and step across that pair of cut up, Calvin Klein tidy whiteys (that aren’t so white now) will have full and instant understanding of what happened once at that very spot”…….

 …..”today I hiked down Purgatory Ridge, cut West across Hells Teeth and entered Dante’s Inferno by way of crawling down the rocks on my hands and knees. Once I got all the way into this form of hunting hell I radioed out on my GPS unit, offering to sell my soul to the nearest devil for an emergency evacuation but not even Satan himself responded. Alas, I hiked back out by way of Never, Ever, Gonna End ridge and pledged, should I survive, ‘be ye never so stupid again’ …………………..


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DaleNo Gravatar October 22, 2009 at 3:34 pm


Can’t wait for the whole story.


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