• 10 Days of fly fishing
  • 9 Days of Camping
  • 3 States
  • 2 showers
  • 1 Nasty Cold
  • Countless Fish
  • Memories that will last a lifetime…


Behind the Scenes:

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know about me. Despite the fact I have a blog & do various projects on the Internet, I’m really uncomfortable with having any kind of  spotlight pointed my direction. It’s a bit of a personal dilemma and the private side of me wins out the majority of the time…hence the quietness of this blog and my interaction on social media.

Even now I remember the day I verbally committed to being part of this project. The internal fight that commenced inside my mind was pretty loud. The Quiet Private Me was understandably terrified by the idea, but the part of me that just wanted to go fishing for 10 days and share what has helped me along in life so much, stood her ground.

218178_4306008724710_608375328_n (1)I never got used to the cameras during the process, but I did my best to control the full on deer in headlights syndrome.

I really appreciated that from day 1 the expectation was to “Keep It Real” which meant no staged moments, no re-takes and no do-overs. That also meant I didn’t have to ‘pretty up’ for the cameras with makeup and hair and that was important to me. As the only female along for the journey I didn’t want to worry about how I looked or give the impression that before I go out fly fishing I take the time to look good for the fish.

Ok, I’ll admit it…a couple of times the girlie side of me protested when the camera was right in my face, and I tried snapping my fingers and called out for “Hair & Makeup” to come to the rescue. But apparently none of the guys possessed those skills because all I heard was laughter (and No Budget for that!) in response. All Natural It Is.

Grant Slinking Around Again

You just never knew where the cameras were hiding – Grant Taylor super sneak

A take on willpower: On the second or third day of the shoot (can’t remember) I woke up feeling like I had taken a solid shot to the head by a sledgehammer. A head cold/flu/fever/viral plague decided to join me for the rest of the trip and to this day I’m convinced the guys brought with them a Strain Of Hell from the East that they were immune and I was a convenient Western target.

Sadly, there's a lot of photos of me like this because of that cold

Sadly, there’s a lot of photos of me like this because of that cold

As much as I wanted to curl up in my sleeping bag and DIE, I opted for ‘drown the sick with drugs‘ and power through.

I went through 9 bottles of Nyquil that week throwing back a shot straight out of the bottle every hour like I was enjoying a flask of Whiskey.

My liver is finally recovered. Priorities ya know..

The Message:

I believe, even in the above 18 minute version, the message we all hoped to convey was achieved and for that I am proud.

The truth is, I feel like when I pull back and look back over the timeline of my life, it looks like more mess than having things under control. But…beyond the blessing that is my daughters and family…Fly Fishing has been my one passion that has remained unchanged and constant for me. It’s always been and I predict will always be, a source of genuine peace and comfort.

It’s what I wish for everyone, to have that one thing that is individual to them and no matter what life brings, they can count on it.


I know they can’t squeeze in 10 days of experience into 18 minutes…or even the full length version that is scheduled out next Spring, which means the majority of those incredible 10 days will forever remain in my memories.

But I have pictures…


Discussing the Garlock Stance – It’s Genetic, all the Garlocks do it

The Camera Posse

The Camera Posse

Captain Colby

Captain Colby

Riverside naps ~ Matt & Dustin

Riverside naps ~ Matt & Dustin

New Friends - During the filming I met Rachel & Aileen for the first time and I'm lucky enough to call them friends now

New Friends – During the filming I met Rachel & Aileen for the first time and I’m lucky enough to call them friends now

Late Night Campfire Time

Late Night Campfire Time

Luke - The Dreamcastidaho.com Mascot made his pictorial debut

Luke – The Dreamcastidaho.com Mascot made his film debut

Grant without (gasp) his camera

Grant without (gasp) his camera

Matt White is a brave soul with his spendy camera equipment!

Matt White is a brave soul with his spendy camera equipment!

Ross Slayton aka Nervous Water

Ross Slayton aka Nervous Water

Group Photo

Group Photo

And lastly….Matt Smythe.

He and I fished hard whether the cameras were on or off. He’s the kind of person I can fish with for hours without saying a word or fish in close proximity and laugh the entire time. I thank him for including me in the A Deliberate Life film and I’m beyond grateful for the friendship we have now.

He’s also an excellent travel DJ on the tunes…

Matt ~ Riverside Journaling

Matt ~ Riverside Journaling



Thank You goes out to all the support we’ve received from the people who had the chance to see it at IF4. The positive feedback has been humbling and inspiring.

Word on the street is the full length version will be available on DVD this Spring. I’ll keep you posted.

Picture Credits: Well…Everyone. Some of the photos are mine, some are by Grant Taylor, some are by Matt White, some are by Bryan Forsmann, and I have no idea who took what. Sorry guys…

More Info Link:
Silo Four


Photo by Grant Taylor…..I think…



Fly Without the Fishing

by Rebecca on November 14, 2013

in Outdoor Observations

Keeping it vicarious…



Fly Fishing With Fly Fishing Bloggers

by Rebecca on July 17, 2013

in Fly Fishing

Last weekend I had the privilege of fishing with several ladies who are all Fly Fishing Bloggers.

I noticed a theme when looking through the aftermath pictures.





I think the morale to this story is that if you decide to hang out with Fly Fishing bloggers, be prepared to hold your waterproof camera like a weapon and pull the trigger constantly.

You just never know when you might get the perfect shot and at the end of a weekend, you’ll have all sorts of memories captured.

You’ll even be able to create a little slideshow video like this one.

Yes….Fly Fishing Hell has froze over. I wore pink on a river.

And I loved every minute of it.


Fly Fishing Bloggers:

Aileen and Rachel ~ Fly Fishing Ventures
Emily ~ The River Damsel
Patti- DreamCast Idaho


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Fly Fishing Confessional: Expert Mode

by Rebecca on July 3, 2013

in Fly Fishing

It happens from time to time, a misguided impression of me that makes me all sorts of squirmy and uncomfortable. The heebie jeebies come from conversations that cast me and the words fly fishing expert in the same circle.

(Pause for the Perplexed Effect)

One of these said circle conversations:

Him: “You know, it’s really cool I got to talk to a Fly Fishing Expert.”
Me: “You did? Cool! Who did you talk to?”
Him: “YOU, right now, on the phone.”
Me: “Umm…..no…. seriously, I think you have me confused with something else.”

Here’s the truth, the way I see it. I love to Fly Fish and occasionally I like to write about said activity. I combine the two on a public platform, but that in no way makes me an expert on anything. I just do my thang and happen to share it publicly. Other than this entry that has the word expert in it, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll never hear me claim anything other than — I go Fly Fishing.

How people interpret my activities is pretty much out of my control. I get that. But in honor of transparency,  let me highlight some harsh differences between Expert and my true fly fishing mode of operation.

The Attire ~

Camo fly fishing attire, it might catch on!

Expert: It can be tricky to pinpoint the expert via their Fly Fishing Attire since I do know of some experts that wouldn’t be caught dead in matchy-matchy magazine worthy attire.

However, the expert typically looks the part and you just know it at a mere glance.

Rebecca: Is a Fly Fishing Mutt. I wear whatever, whenever and have not signed allegiance to any one brand. In the fashion world, that means I clash. Furthermore, because I don’t care what I look like, I roll down my waders or try to not to fish with them at. Sometimes I look respectable on the river and sometimes I do not. I’m good with that.

The Gear:

Expert: The Expert knows his gear inside and out and I’d bet my best fly he even cleans his gear religiously. More than likely Z Expert has enough gear to start their own store and can tell you how every single item works, moves, handles and the exact river conditions they are used for. The Expert doesn’t skimp on certain materials for extra snicker bar money and the expert wouldn’t be caught on the riverbanks without every potential fly fishing item in their arsenal.

I do have a decent sticker collection, that should count for something...

I do have a decent sticker collection, that should count for something…

Rebecca: Well I have a few fly rods and I have a few reels, but if you asked me what make, models and series everything is, I’d have to go look at them to make sure I get my specs straight.  Some of my gear was spendy and some of it was dirt cheap.

I usually show up to a river with 1 set up and hope for the best. Fly Fishing on a budget in my early years made me a master at adjusting to my surroundings out of necessity and to be honest, a 5wt has worked just fine for me over the last 15 years, no matter the river size or situation.

Ok…I admit it; I’ve never (ever) cleaned (any) of my gear….


Expert: Not only can they pronounce that word, they are fluent in all things BUG. They can correctly identify every creepy crawler out there, including each separate stage of bug metamorphose. That’s impressive in itself, but add in the fact they can also rattle off the names of 10 flies in their box that would work for the current bug situation and I can only say…I bow to their knowledge.

Rebecca: I’ve successfully proved (to myself) all that ento-jibberish isn’t technically required to catch fish. You may disagree, but I’m here to say, you don’t have to know the lingo to catch the fish. You also don’t have to know the technical names of all the flies in your box. You just have to have one in there that comes close to what the fish are feasting on… Match your I can’t name it fly to the whatever it is bug on the water and it works like a charm.

Bonus: When someone upstream from you yells out, “What are they hitting on?” you can yell back, “I don’t know!” and you aren’t lying. If you feel dodgy about that answer, you can follow up with a well meaning, “I’m catching them all on some sort of brown-ish fly!” (they love that answer)

Fly Tyer:


My last (and final) try at Fly Tying ~ I call it the “Twisted Sister”

Expert: Of course the expert can whip up any old fly, any old time they run short on the good stuff.

This also means they can correctly identify, by exact name, every fly in their box.

Rebecca: Tried it. Hated it. (I sucked at it) So I’m sticking with my support the local fly tyer motto.


Expert: They know the correct elbow, wrist, hip, head and fly rod movement to achieve maximum casting results. They could teach a class and more than likely, they are certified to do so. They can also name every cast in the book, demonstrate it and teach their casting skills to another.


Getting a Double Haul Schooling: I failed

Rebecca: I am self taught, in every sense of the definition of SELF taught. I didn’t read a book or watch a video to learn the basics or anything fly fishing related for that matter.

I just walked down a river bank, and started snapping my new fly rod around like a bull whip until I could get the fly line where I wanted it to go.

Teaching myself in this manner, without proper instruction/actual casting names/structure/etc… means there are no set mechanics or methods to what I do. It also means my (bad) casting habits are deeply ingrained and impossible to correct (just ask anyone who’s tried to teach me the proper way of casting) so I just do my thing out on the water.

My Thing: I see a fish…I mysteriously cast to it. That’s the extent of my casting repertoire.

It works for me but I can’t teach it to someone else. I’ve tried and it ends up sounding like this: So, you just kinda pull your arm back real fast, wait a second and then fling your arm forward. Then hopefully your line will head in that direction over there. Good luck with that and happy to have helped! 

Clearly the word Expert needs to be assigned to those who are worthy.

Just Likes to Fish

PS: the above admissions probably call into question whether or not I actually (ever) catch fish, but yes. Yes I do.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt just Magically Happens…



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